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> Message to Governors and Sidhas March 23, 2005

Le damn American imperialists:

Area 7: Hawaii, Alaska and French Polynesia

> Please select your preferred Peace Palace location now 
> by going to this link and completing your form to become full-time.
> To Immediately Become Full-Time Rajas of the Global Country of 
World Peace
> And Take the Fastest Path to Enlightenment
> While Preparing the Ground for the Descent of Heaven on Earth
> Dear Governors and Citizen Sidhas of the Age of Enlightenment,
> Jai Guru Dev 
> Summary of Main Points:
>   1.. The collective consciousness of the world is now ready for 
deeper experience and growth towards Peace and Enlightenment. 
>   2.. Maharishi wants to train those Governors and Sidhas, who will 
be full time, to be Rajas—real administrators of Natural Law—who will 
begin to function from the level of the Constitution of the Universe, 
Total Natural Law. 
>   3.. Maharishi wants to start the Movement afresh with full time 
people.  Only full time people will be able to teach in each area. 
>   4.. All governors are requested to decide now, in the next 2-3 
days, if they want to be part of this new initiative.  Maharishi will 
begin to train those who commit, and the Movement will begin to pay 
salaries for teaching and administering. 
> Details of the Message
> Since the historic Coronation ceremony for 14 Rajas of the Global 
Country of World Peace in February, Maharishi has sensed an awakening 
of bliss and positivity in the world. This has inspired a new program 
to create 2,400 Rajas in America and 600 additional Rajas worldwide—a 
total of 3,000 new Rajas—by Guru Purnima Day, July 21, 2005.
> With this achievement in this Year of Golden Jubilee (Celebration 
of 50 years of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Movement), 
Maharishi will welcome the descent of Heaven on Earth—the onset of 
Sat Yuga and the end of Kali Yuga. The structure of the Movement in 
America is changing this week. The Movement is starting anew as Sat 
Yuga is descending.
> In the U.S., each of the new Rajas will be trained to administer 
one of 2,400 Peace Palaces. This is Maharishi's kind and generous 
offer—to make available Raja training for all Governors and Citizen 
Sidhas who choose to be full-time and establish and administer a 
Peace Palace location.
> Maharishi said: "It's a new Movement we are starting. The old was 
not enough for us. Now the Movement has started anew."
> Maharishi is expressing this because He has felt a great opening in 
world consciousness.  He now feels that He is ready and able to train 
as many governors as come forward to be real channels for the decent 
of Heaven on Earth, Sat Yuga.  He wants to bring all the old time 
people to a mature state of knowledge and experience.  He wants to 
train us to create for ourselves and for the world from within 
ourselves, and to know by Being, and to create from Being, so that we 
are masters of our own destiny and the destiny of the world. 
> In starting the Movement anew, Maharishi wants it to be a full time 
profession.  He is asking for those with a deep commitment to 
teaching the knowledge and a full time focus on their personal 
> He is saying that he will personally begin to train those who come 
forward immediately.  As we learned more fully in our Raja training 
program, He has a profound and infinite ability to transform our 
lives, and in the process, to transform the world.  He only needs 
people with commitment and the ability to face the challenges.  What 
He can give solely depends on us.  The limited mind of the disciple 
becomes the mind of the Master only when it is willing to follow that 
Cosmic Mind, and culture the awareness in that cosmic value.  What we 
receive compared to what we do is really the best deal in creation.  
This is the gift of the Holy Tradition of Masters.  They give and 
give and give, and we really just have to be open to receiving. 
> Maharishi now wants to know who will take part in this new fulltime 
Movement.  We have a list of about 300 centers for the territory.  
All those who want to be part of this must choose a center NOW and be 
ready to be full time to cover the activities in that center.  
> Only those teachers who wish to participate full time will be 
permitted to teach or administer full time projects in that area.  
These full time people will be the channels for the knowledge that 
Maharishi wants to bring out now.  Others can be the recipients like 
anyone else in the area, but they will not be the teachers of the 
knowledge any longer.  
> This in no way is meant to limit participation in all the 
movement's projects and activities. We cherish all the support that 
has continually come from all the well-wishers of the movement, 
support that nourishes all its activities. The new policy simply 
means that teachers and raja administrators of the movement need to 
be full-time now so that they will have that deeply rested focus and 
ability to completely and fully respond to the training that 
Maharishi wants to offer now.
> Maharishi wants everyone to decide now what he or she wants to do.  
In the next 3-4 days, each teacher should make their decision.  
Salaries will begin at $2000 per month and will increase as the 
success in the area increases.  Teachers can always supplement their 
income with well wishers in the area or through donations, but not 
through other jobs.  This is a full time profession, with long time 
spent in meditation, and the remainder of the time spent in spreading 
pure knowledge. 
> Each "Raja Designate" must reside in or near the City where his 
Peace Palace will be located and be full-time. For many that will 
mean relocating to a new city.
> Each "Raja Designate" will be responsible to immediately organize 
to offer education and health programs in "Maharishi Enlightenment 
Centers" in leased space in shopping malls, office buildings, or 
hotels. That will be the first activity—to rent that space and begin 
operations so that the advertising can start immediately. The costs 
for the leased space and the advertising will be paid by the Global 
Country of World Peace.
> Peace Palaces will be built in population areas serving 
approximately 150,000 or more people. Within the Domain of the Raja 
of California, (the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, 
and Alaska) there will be about 300 Peace Palace locations. Please 
see the list of locations at here.
> Peace Palaces will be funded through the issuance of World Peace 
Bonds, and from donations, bank loans, and other sources of funding. 
The estimated cost of land and construction for each Peace Palace is 
approximately $3 million. When one half of that amount is raised, the 
Raja Designate of that Peace Palace will conduct a groundbreaking 
ceremony, and, while the Peace Palace is being built, attend the Raja 
Training Course under the guidance of Maharishi.
> The auspicious dates for the groundbreaking and the start of Raja 
Training will be on the full moon days of April, May, and June. Then, 
on Guru Purnima Day in July, in the midst of Vedic recitations of the 
Constitution of the Universe, in the presence of His Majesty Raja 
Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, and with 
3,000 new Rajas trained for their Peace Palaces, Maharishi will 
celebrate the descent of Sat Yuga on Earth:
> "Welcome to Sat Yuga—the age of positivity
> Goodbye to Kali Yuga—the age of negativity"
> All the years of dedicated activity by the Governors and Citizen 
Sidhas of Maharishi's Movement have culminated in Maharishi's 
beautiful offer to them—the opportunity to take the fastest path to 
enlightenment while making a profound contribution to society, by 
preparing the ground for the descent of Heaven on Earth.
> Please select your preferred Peace Palace location now by going to 
this link and completing your form to become full-time.
> These next few days are the days to decide if you can and will be 
full-time. Embrace this offer to be trained in that profound 
knowledge which is the profession of the Vedic Tradition of Total 
Knowledge. Become eligible to go on the Raam Raj Administrator 
Training Course and experience the true value of life, and then 
effortlessly administer and guide the people of your domain from the 
level of consciousness.
> There will naturally be many questions and individual 
considerations regarding this offer. Many questions have already been 
answered and these we can send to you immediately. Please contact 
your Area Communication Director (listed below), who will forward 
more information to you, and take any other questions that you might 
have. Your questions will be sent directly to me to discuss with 
> Raja Professor John Konhaus
> Raja of California
> Global Country of World Peace, a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit 
>       Area 1: Washington and Oregon Judy & Gordon Stanley 
>       Area 2: Northern California John & Bobbi Briganti 
>       Area 3: Central California John Freeman [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>       Area 4: Southern California, Los Angeles Area Peter & Susan 
>       Area 5: Southern California, Orange County Area Louise and 
Lawrence Allison [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>       Area 6: Southern California, San Diego Area Jonathan Shapiro 
>       Area 7: Hawaii, Alaska and French Polynesia Cliff and Mary 
> source:  http://california.globalcountry.net

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