Bronte writes:
  Here is a statement from Amma's former Joint Secretary in charge of accounts 
about the fraudulent nature of Amma's charities.
  Exerpt from Message 283 in files of ex-amma website:
  I’m enclosing below a statement that was emailed to the Amma satsang groups 
by one of Amma’s former swamis when he left the organization. He was the Joint 
Secretary in charge of accounts, administration, banking and investments. He 
was offered money by the ashram if he would retract what he wrote, but he has 
courageously stood by his words despite being now under financial pressure. He 
recently started a wholesale export business for religious and devotional 
items. The quality and prices of his merchandise seem very good. Anyone 
interested should check out his website

My life of Twenty-Two Years as a Monastic was of never ending struggles in 
trying to bring the various Spiritual Ideas as Reality in my Life. While 
attempting to narrow down the gaps between the Ideas and Reality, I finally 
chose to observe my Life in Reality and had to give up the Ideas that remained 
unrealistic in my Life. 

Chastity was the main Idea that had failed to become Reality in my Life 
primarily due to the highly stimulating environment that I was put in. 

Not only in the individual level, but also in the Organization level, I have 
seen wide gaps when the ideas are put into practice. To narrate a few 

1. Just before the Inauguration of the Hospital at Cochin, we had suggested 
Amma to declare that Hospital as a Charitable One. But Amma had firmly told us 
that Amma would declare it as a FREE Hospital as that being Amma's real 
intention while establishing the same. Under the Indo-US Agreement, to get the 
complete waiver of Customs Duty for all the Medical Items to be Imported, the 
Ashram also has given an Irrevocable Undertaking to the Government of India 
that the Hospital would provide Medical Treatments at Free of Cost. But in 
Reality, as everyone here knows, the Ashram Hospital at Cochin is not a Free 
Hospital; Neither it could be considered to be a Charitable One as Certain 
Percentage of Beds have not been set aside as Free Ones for the use of 
Deserving Poor Patients. Many of the Deserving Patients from the Poorest Strata 
of the Society are turned away by the Hospital; Few of the luckiest ones get 
Subsidy; Persons from the Middle Class of the Society get affordable
 Treatment and the Affluent ones get the Treatment at a Competitive Rate. The 
Math which is a Charitable Trust is not supposed to run the Hospital like a 
Commercial Establishment as it is doing right now. When would the Ashram make 
the Hospital at Cochin as a Free or a Charitable One in Reality ? 

2. The Ashram now claims to have completed 15,000 Houses to the Deserving Poor 
under the current Housing Scheme. In Reality, the Ashram has constructed not 
more than 7,500 Houses [50%] so for. The Ashram also is claiming to have spent 
about Rs.28,000/= per House. But in Reality, the cost incurred by the Ashram 
for each of the House is not more than Rs.14,000/= [50%]. Why are the False 
Claims ?...

Let there be Justice to Every-one;
Injustice to No-one ! 
Let there be Truth Every-where;
Untruth No-where !
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> You pointed to a post that was posted four years ago from some
> anonymous person. That really does not substantiate these claims. I
> ask that you please back up these claims, otherwise it is all just
> speculation.
> thanks - moderator
  Re: Save Saint Amma From Greedy Capitalists 
  I am the AIMS consultant referred to by Borg108 in his posting of
four years ago. I still have in my possession the hospital financial
statements and my original interview notes that substantiate
everything mentioned in his posting about AIMS and the
misrepresentation of its charitable work. You should also be aware,
that based on my discussions with AIMS top administrators, all policy
decisions with respect to AIMS were made through the direction of and
with the knowledge and approval of AMMA herself. Others I know who
can also verify this information are afraid to do so out of fear for
their personal safety.
  … Those I know who have spoken out
privately about these matters are residing still in India where
violence and political influence against others is a way of life. I,
myself, was warned by two saintly swamis in India to keep my mouth
shut soon after I discovered what was happening at AIMS. But as the
bible points out, even the stones will speak out the truth

  (posted by HughNMe [EMAIL PROTECTED]) posts 281 and 283, examma

  ref’ed (link) in message 283, ex-amma
  Amma, Inc. 
  I first arrived at Amma’s Indian ashram just in time for her birthday 
celebration. What immediately struck me was the commercial nature of it. There 
were booths set up all over selling everything from food to Amma laundry soap. 
My first impression reminded me of the money changers that Christ found in the 
Great Temple of Jerusalem. Afterwards, I was struck by the materialistic 
orientation that pervaded the ashram even after the birthday celebration. 
Westerners were charged a high fee by Indian standards for food and lodging, 
Lodging meant a spot on the floor of a small room shared usually with 3 or 4 
others. Those who wanted privacy could “purchase” a tiny one room flat for 
$14,000. This entitles you to your own room while you are at the ashram, but 
you still have to pay half the room rate while you are there. Unless you 
continue paying the fee when you leave, the ashram has the usual 3 or 4 others 
stay in the room whenever you’re not there. Guests and residents are also
 expected to spend time each day rendering service to the ashram. In contrast 
to this, traditional Indian ashrams do not charge for room and board. Goodwill 
donations are accepted but not required. At Amma’s, everything is run like a 
business. There is a laundry service, taxi service, travel agency, phone and 
email service, as well as several stores, all designed to turn a profit for the 
ashram. Devotees are also charged high fees to travel on jam packed buses when 
Amma goes on her Indian tours. Food is abysmal, and accommodations usually mean 
a spot on a cement floor next to dozens of others on such tours. An Indian 
woman told me that on tour she once yelled out at Amma’s request “All you 
people without fathers get back on the bus.” What she told me Amma actually 
said was “All you bastards, get back on the bus…” Amma herself travels on these 
tours either in her new Mercedes (upgraded from an earlier new one) or her new 
luxury RV. 

On of the best profit sources for the ashram is the ayurvedic center that 
offers a few weeks of pancha karma treatments (for about 2 hours a day) at a 
cost of around $1500. Unpaid Indian devotees do all the treatments so the 
overhead to the ashram for this service is practically non-existent. One Amma 
devotee who gets treated every year told me that Amma said to him that one 
round of pancha karma treatments is worth 10 years of sadhana. So he, in 
effect, expects to buy his way to heaven by having pancha karma treatments done 
every year

The US and foreign tours are also very profitable for Amma owing to profits 
from retreat fees, donations, and the sale of high priced books, tapes, and 
other items. I once asked a man why he bought a tabla set from the ashram when 
he could have purchased the same kind of instrument at little more than half 
the cost outside the ashram. He told me that the ashram profits were going for 
a good cause. This is a common misconception perpetuated by the ashram itself. 
At all of Amma’s programs there are announcements encouraging donations to 
Amma’s so-called charitable activities and saying that the profit from selling 
books, tapes, and other items goes toward these charitable activities, which 
fall into 5 main areas: orphanages, schools, housing, and hospitals. I decided 
to look into all of these when I was in India. I visited her orphanage near the 
ashram and was disturbed to see how the children there were living. Four 
children shared each bunk bed, which was just a metal frame
 with no mattresses. The food was just watery rice with a little overcooked 
vegetable. I was told the children would have had no clothing to wear except 
for the generous donations of clothing from some local Indians. When I asked 
who was paying for the few caretakers I saw there, I was told the state was 
paying them, since they were the children’s teachers.

Amma’s schools are also listed as one of her charitable activities, but they 
are a very lucrative business for the ashram. Only those who can pay to attend 
are welcome. This applies at all levels from grade school up to trade college. 
Devotees are sometimes recruited to teach at these schools for little or no 
pay, but students are always required to pay for the privledge of attending an 
Amma school. The engineering, management and computer colleges are particularly 
profitable for the ashram. As for housing for the poor, the costs and numbers 
of such units built have been grossly inflated. The ashram will not build a 
dwelling unless the people own the land on which it is to be put. Obviously, 
not many of the poor are land owners. 

Perhaps the most egregious misrepresentation of Amma’s charitable activities 
occurs with respect to the AIMS specialty hospital in Cochin. This has been 
used as the center piece for Amma’s money raising efforts. It is always touted 
as a charitable hospital meant to serve the poor and needy. Amma’s websites and 
the hospital website have always maintained that over half the hospital’s work 
is charitable in nature. But this is absolutely untrue. I know a man who went 
to India (a friend of soulcircle) to do some consulting at AIMS a few years 
back. He interviewed the management and doctors there and obtained copies of 
the hospital’s financial statements. He was very surprised to find out that 
less than 5% of the hospital’s resources were devoted to servicing the poor, 
and even that amount wouldn’t have been there had it not been paid for by the 
government of India. Even the few poor people who were given medical care had 
to pay for their medications, which many could not do.
 This man was very disappointed to see poor people being turned away from AIMS 
and refused treatment. He approached Amma with this information and asked why 
monies were being raised adharmically under false pretenses. Amma, who knows 
and directs all these matters, told him that he was wrong and that 50% of the 
hospital’s activities are charitable. He could hardly believe his ears and 
politely asked to be shown how this could be so. So Amma had the hospital’s VP 
of Finance present their case, which went as follows: There are a few private 
hospitals for the wealthy in India that charge more than AIMS. Some might even 
charge twice as much as AIMS for the same procedures. Therefore, the difference 
between what they charge and what AIMS charges should be regarded as 
charitable.. The fact that the poor cannot afford care at either place somehow 
got lost in their logic. Meanwhile, Amma’s organization puts out false 
brochures with photos of suffering children saying that
 contributions to AIMS will go towards saving these poor children.

The consultant mentioned above was also surprised to find out that many of 
Amma’s devotees at AIMS or in her ashram were well aware of these 
misrepresentations and seemed able to rationalize them away. Amma herself told 
others that AIMS could not afford to give any more care to the poor at that 
time because the hospital was expected to pay its own way (where have we heard 
that before?), which contradicts all the messages given about sales revenue and 
donations being used for charitable purposes, with AIMS being the most 
prominent activity. Amma said she expected the charitable work at AIMS to pick 
up later. Since then, however, instead of using AIMS cash flow or ashram 
donations or sales profits to fund hospital care for the poor, AIMS has built a 
very large profit oriented medical college at AIMS that overshadows the 
hospital itself. Kerala, a state the size of California, already had 5 free 
medical colleges before this one, and wasn’t in need of another. But Amma’s
 medical college, like her other colleges, is using the goodwill of her name to 
attract paying students and create more and more profits for the organization. 
In fact, even at her ashram now they have established another college with 
paying students outnumbering paying devotees. 

It should be obvious now that empire building is the driving force behind Amma 
and her organization. This is similar to SRF, which has spent outrageous sums 
of money on legal and accounting fees in order to solidify its organizational 
standing and stature. As a final note, I’m enclosing below a statement that was 
emailed to the Amma satsang groups by one of Amma’s former swamis when he left 
the organization. He was the Joint Secretary in charge of accounts, 
administration, banking and investments. He was offered money by the ashram if 
he would retract what he wrote, but he has courageously stood by his words 
despite being now under financial pressure. He recently started a wholesale 
export business for religious and devotional items. The quality and prices of 
his merchandise seem very good. Anyone interested should check out his website 

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