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>         Drought & water pollution did it. Somewhat like Global 
>   Our brain is over 60% water. If you feed your brain with the 
wrong kind of water, you are going to get fat, sick, older and dead 
faster than you can imagine.
>   I can say lobbyists & politicians or rigged elections or bias did 
>   For example: http://www.americanchemistry.com/chlorine/. Do you 
know how big and powerful this industry is? Some 25 years ago, some 
experts declared that chlorine causes cancer and heart disease and 
yet to this very day, it is still mixed in our water.
>   In Rome, how did they get these chemicals into their system? 
Well, they drank a lot. And the bronze or gold or silver cup they 
used were manufactured using chemicals and are highly decorated using 
some deadly chemicals that once you pour that wine into that cup, 
those deadly chemicals got mixed into the  drink.

There was an article a few years ago saying that the Romans may have 
been poisoned by lead which was present in their plumbing system.  
The author surmised that this led to the strange behaviours of the 
Romans at the time.  Thus, we read today the insane acts of Nero and 
Caligula from the past.

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