Special claims of Sant Mat-The disciple is told that Kal, (Satan) the
negative power
stood on one leg for millions of years in order to get
a "boon" from Anami Radhasoami (the highest
creator). Because  of the unbelievably admirable
austerity performed by Kal Anami gave him "pure souls"
who were living in the highest  region in order
that Kal could "animate" his otherwise inanimate

  These souls became locked and trapped in the
creation owing to the laws of Karma.  Originally,
one ninth or one tenth of the souls who were
residing with Anami Radhasoami did not want to leave and
go down to  Kals Creation; however the supreme
being was under such an obligation to Kal that they
had to go anyway. But the supreme being made a
promise to them that He, himself, would take birth and in
human form He would grant them initiation and teach
them how to return to their "True Home". Those
special souls would be called "Marked Souls", since
they were "marked" by the Father for return to their
spiritual home. No other souls had this possibility,
but were eternally doomed to traverse the cycle
of 8 million 400 thousand species of life.
The fact that the initiate was now receiving
initiation meant that the  Perfect Master (who was the
incarnation of god himself) had "called" him and was
proof that the initiate was a "Marked Soul". He would
now be able to return to the highest Spiritual
Regions in no more than four  lifetimes. The Master
would "take over" all of his karmas and manage them
so as to speed up the disciples journey. Now
anything that happeded to the disciple was with the
Master's permission, since Kal (the Devil) no longer had control
over the disciple......

Everything that happens to
you in your life from now on will be with HIS
permission, and it will be given to you in your best
interest. This means that you will condition yourself
to think that every illness that you experience
will be the Master, himself, allowing some
evil cosmic power to "burn" off your karma, every success
will be "given to you" not because you applied
yourself to a task competently, but because "Master"
was giving you "His Grace"....it gets more and more bizarre!

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