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> Fall Guys?
> "His multiple-entry visa to the U.S. 
> was not canceled by State, not even 
> after his own father alerted U.S. 
> Embassy officials in Nigeria of the 
> danger he might present.")
> 'Where Oh Where Is Hillary?'
> By Jennifer Rubin 
> http://tinyurl.com/yff45c6

Your above link doesn't work. Other than discovering Rubin is a right wing 
apologist for Cheney, I can't find the article she wrote about Hillary.

> "Democrats have joined the ranks of 
> those calling for Homeland Security 
> Secretary Janet Napolitano to step 
> down following the attempted bombing 
> of a Northwest Airlines flight a week 
> ago..."
> 'Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano 
> to Step Down Following Failed Attack' 
> Fox News, January 1, 2010
> http://tinyurl.com/y9o6xzx

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