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Subject: Need your help on this one -- from Raja Fagan
>From Raja John and Susel Fagan, who Maharishi put in charge of overseeing the 
>quality and safety of our world food supply. 
Dear friends,
We try not to disturb you often, but the USDA and Secretary Vilsack, in 
collaboration with Monsanto, are about to lift a court-ordered ban on 
Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) "Roundup Ready" alfalfa.
This GMO would have disastrous effects on US and global agriculture. If you 
have not done so already, we ask you to submit comments (it will only take 2 
minutes!) before the Wednesday, March 3rd deadline. 
Genetically engineered alfalfa would be the first perennial GM crop, and would 
result in a huge increase of toxic RoundUp in the environment. It would expose 
livestock widely to both genetically engineered genes and pesticide residues. 
It would especially affect cows and horses--their health, their reproduction, 
and their byproducts, particularly milk.
Alfalfa pollen is carried far and wide by the wind and bees, so the presence of 
GM alfalfa in the environment would contaminate organic alfalfa, rendering 
organic dairy impossible. Consumers who eat alfalfa sprouts would be exposed 
directly, as well as those who eat meat.
Despite positive trends, this is the most serious GMO threat yet, as it creates 
the legal precedent at the Supreme Court level, for GMO contamination to be 
acceptable for any crop, with the support of the USDA (see Background below).
Sorry to alarm you, but it would be extremely helpful if each of you could take 
action before March 3 by doing one or more of the following:
1. Follow the directions in the True Food Network page pasted below to 
conveniently call your Senators and Representatives on Monday and Tuesday, and 
tell them that they should not support the commercialization of GM-alfalfa. 
This will have a strong impact, as there have not been enough comments to date.
2. Follow this link: to the 
Organic Consumers Association (OCA) where you can send the OCA email letter by 
clicking “take action now.” This will take you 2 minutes and can be done on the 
3. Submit comments directly to the USDA at:
 You can write your own comments from the points below and above, or copy and 
paste the letter found at the OCA link: , in the 
"Take Action Now" section. This will take you 4-5 minutes and can be done on 
the weekend, and will have a strong impact.
Thank you for taking action on this important issue to help protect yourself, 
your family, your country and the world.
Warm regards,
Susel and John Fagan

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