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108 Female Siddhas, Dakinis, Yoginis and Tantric Adepts

Recently a famous Tibetan monk was asked to name some female wisdom masters, 
and he 
could think of only two. Thank you Jomo Sangchen Tsomo for compiling this list. 
For more 
information and links to details visit www.dakinitantra.org.

Female Siddhas of Chimphu:

1. Mandarava - the emanation of Vajra Varahi's Body
2. Khandroma Yeshé Tsogyel - the emanation of Vajra Varahi's Speech
3. Sakya Devi - the emanation of Vajra Varahi's Mind
4. Kalasiddhi - the emanation of VajraVarahi's Quality
5. Tashi Chidren - the emanation of Vajra Varahi's Activity
6. Khandro Wongchang - emanation of Vajra Varahi's Essential Indefinable 
7. Mélong Za Rinchen Tso (Mistress of the Jewel-mirror Lake)
8. Tshan-ma Za Dorje Tso (Mistress of the Hot Vajra Lake)
9. Tshom-bu Za Pema Tso (Mistress of the Mandala)

10. Tshé-nam Za Sang-gyé Tso (Life-sky Mistress of the Indestructible Lake)
11. Shel-kar Za Dorje Tso (Crystal Mistress of the Thunderbolt Lake)
12. Rü thog Za Thönrubma (Mistress of the Thunderbolt Clan)
13. Shubu Za Sherpa-ma
14. O-ché Za Kar (Mistress of Primordial Starlight)
15. Yamdrok Za Chökyi Drölma (Liberated Mistress of the Turquoise Lake)
16. 'Dzem-ma Za Lhamo (The Divine Blushing Mistress)
17. 'Bar Za Lha-yang (Mistress of Blazing Melody)
18. Cha-rog Za Changchubma (Compassionate Mistress of Ravens)

19. Aro Za Druk-tsal Shedrakma (A-tasting Dragon radiance Mistress of the 
Crystal Crag)
20. Drom Za Pema-sel (Lotus Light Mistress of the Drom Clan)
21. Rong Za Siddhi (Mistress of Siddhis)
22. Trum Za Shel ma (Mistress of crystal constellations)
23. Khu Za Peltsun (Mistress of Glorious Wrath)
24. Kharchen Zhonnu Drolma - a disciple of Yeshe Tsogyel
25. Dewamo (Chonema) - Yeshe Tsogyel initiate
26. Kumudara - taught the visualization practice of black Bhairava to 
27. Dinakara - Vajrayogini and heruka practice - could evoke visualization

28. Padmalocana / Jnanalocana - Maitripa's huntress-gurus acted in concert with 
29. Gangadhara - Maitripa's spiritual companion
30. Gangabhadri - one of 10 gurus who introduced Padampa Sangye to the nature 
of mind

Other yoginis who gave him direct introduction included:

31. Kumuda
32. Gelongma Palmo (Bhiksuni Laksmi) - late 10th or 11th c. introduced the 
fasting ritual
33. Padmapada
34. Cinta
35. Sukhakara
36. Sukhasiddhi (the brewer dakini)

37. Sabari
38. Vimala
39. and Vrksaparni
40. Nodjyinmo Changchubma - great Dzogchenma and Master to Parani
41. Parani - prostitute: 6th holder of the dzogchen semde lineage
42. Gomadevi - main transmission of mahayoga karmamudra
43. Laksminkara - severed-headed vajrayogini; male disciple virupa;spontaneous 
44. Vajravati (Diamondlike Woman) – wrathful Red Tara practice
45. Srisukha – tantric guru with hundreds of female yogini disciples

46. Kambala – spontaneous feast songs of realization
47. the yogini Ekavajra
48. Mekhala -sisters Severed-headed Vajrayogini inner yoga
49. Kanakhala -sisters Severed-headed Vajrayogini inner yoga
50. Sahajayoginicinta – spontaneous jewellike yogini
51. Dombi Herukini (Dombiyogini)
52. the arrow smith woman
53. Bumcham Yum Chenmo – mother of Machig Labdron
54. Tontso Rinchen Bum – Machig Labdron's sister

55. Machig Labdron (1055-1145) - founder of the Chod lineage in Tibet
56. Drub Chungma (Laduma) – Machig Labdron's daughter
57. Achi Chokyi Drolma – (11th c.) grandmother of founder of the Drikung Lineage
58. Shugseb Jetsunma – sister of one of the great Sakya lamas and incarnation 
59. Nangsa Obum (11c.) -a great yogini from the region of Tsang in Tibet 
60. the sesame pounding woman
61. Niguma (10-11c.) - Shangpa lineage six yogas of Niguma; Naropa's sister or 
62. Dagmema - great Dzogchenma; wife of Marpa
63. Machig Dropa Gyalmo (12th c.) - initiated the practice of the longevity 

64. Machig Ongjo (12th c.)
65. Rechungma - one of Milarepa's eight foremost female disciples 
66. Darbum Chodron - disciple of Milarepa
67. Sahle Aui - disciple of Milarepa
68. Jomo Menmo Pema Tsokyi (1248-1283) - female gTértön called `The Lady 
incarnation of Yeshe Tsogyel's Speech
69. Drenchen Rema Shegmo - middle of 14th c. stone pelting yogini
70. Jetsunma Mingyur Paldron - (1699-1769) - daughter of the gTértön Terdak 
71. Khandro Losèl Drölma (1802 – 1861) - renowned dakini; sister of Do Khyentsé 
72. Jomo Chhi-'mèd Pema - powerful yogini who could converse with the local 
Protectress in Tibet

73. A-Yu Khadro, Dorje Paldron (1839 – 1953) Tibetan chodma and great yogini
74. Pema Yangkyi - lifelong friend to A-Yu Khadro; Tibetan chodma and great 
75. Khandro Shardröl Rinchen Wangmo (1863 – 1959)
76. Jetsunma Shukseb - Ani Lochen (1865-1951) - master of Chod
77. Jétsunma Khandro Yeshé Réma (Khyungchen Aro Lingma) (1886 – 1923) 
78. Jetsunma Thrinley Chodron – Dzogchenma; one of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo's 
79. Gomchenma Pema 'O-Zér (1901 - unknown)
80. A-shé Khandro (1911- unknown)
81. A-yé Khandro (1918-1959)

82. Khandro Rig'dzin Takmo – one of the Five Dakini Mothers of Aro Yeshé
83. Khandro Tse-wang Gyurmed Pema – one of the Five Dakini Mothers of Aro Yeshé
84. Khandro Ja'gyür 'ö-Zér Nyima – one of the Five Dakini Mothers of Aro Yeshé
85. Khandro Chö-ying Nyima 'ö-Zér – one of the Five Dakini Mothers of Aro Yeshé
86. Sera Khandro (Dewe Dorje) – early 20th c. gTértön
87. Drikung Khandro – the Vajra Master of a group of 90 yoginis in Tibet
88. Jomo Sam'phel - great yogini living in Yang-lé-shöd, Nepal 
89. Simo Dechen - contemporary gTértön; daughter of the great Dudjom Rinpoche
90. Khandro Khachi Wangmo - contemporary gTértön

91. Yage Kunsang Drolma - Rindzin Nuden Dorje nunnery
92. Delog Dawa Drolma - Chagdud Rinpoche's mother - delog
93. Khandro Urgyen Tsomo - incarnation of Yeshe Tsogyal renown as Great Dakini 
94. T'rinley Wangmo – Chagdud Rinpoche's sister
95. Doljin Khandro Suren - Mongolian chodma
96. Sangyum Kusho - Dudjom Sangyum
97. Dagmola - Jamyang Sakya
98. Jetsun Chonyi Dechen Tsomo - 4th incarnation of Samding Dorje Phagmo
99. Jetsunma Tsewang Lhamo (unknown - 1995) - great dzogchenma

100. Khandro Lhamo - Dilgo Khentsye's sangyum
101. Tsering Chodron Khandro - sangyum of Jamyang Chokyi Lodro
102. Kunsang Dechen - sangyum of Tulku Urgyen
103. Urgyen Chodron "Amala" - sangyum Abo Rinpoche
104. Jetsunma Kusho Chimey Luding – Sakya lineage
105. Tare Kandro (Tare Lhamo) – great gTértön and wisdom dakini
106. Chagdud Khadro
107. Khandro Déchen Tsédrüp Rolpa'i Yeshé
108. Ngala A'dzom Nyida Khyungtsal Yeshe Jagyur Rinpoche


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