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Subject: [FairfieldLife] The Neo-Advaita disease - Satsangus teacheritis
[The following is an analysis of what has come to be called “Advaita Syndrome” 
or “Advaita Disease,” written by a philosophical counselor, Greg Goode (see his 
website: This piece has often circulated anonymously, but 
Greg is the author. He recently wrote to me:
"Dear Timothy... Writing about these satsang conceits was inspired by several 
years of close observation of the zoological type satsangus teacheritis. I used 
to visit and hang with two or three satsang teachers per month for several 
years as they came through NYC [New York City]. Boy could I tell you stories. I 
bet you have some too! I'm glad to see your page on the craziness of the 
neo-satsang movement. There's not much advaita to it so I don't call it 
LUCKNOW DISEASE - linguistic malady befalling seekers at Papaji's [HWL Poonja, 
1913-97, of Lucknow, India]. Characterized by never using the word "I" to 
encourage one's self and also to show others that there is no one [no reified 
ego] at home here. Instead, they would say things like "This form is going to 
the rest room." 
ADVAITA SHUFFLE - Conversational gambit. What [Papaji disciple] Andrew Cohen 
accused [another Papaji disciple] Gangaji of doing when she didn't want to talk 
about ethics and enlightenment. Jumping to the absolute level at odd times. 
Like when the receptionist asks why you were late for your doctor's 
appointment. "There's no one here to go anywhere or be late for anything." 
LANDING - Losing one's enlightenment. What Gangaji accused Andrew Cohen of 
having done. Term used by those who think of enlightenment as a kind of thing 
that can be lost. Something like claiming enlightenment and then getting 
peevish and petty over who pays the tip at the dinner. 
NONDUAL POLICE - Those who badger others to use nondual terminology. Whenever 
they hear someone saying something like "I'm going out for coffee," they barge 
in: "WHO is going out for coffee??" Nondual police want everyone to always be 
in constant Ramana-self-inquiry-mode. 
THE EYE THING - Keeping eye contact with the other person as long as possible. 
Whoever drops their gaze first is not as established in the Beloved. Some 
blinking is OK, but not too much. The deeper into the Self you are, the longer 
you can hold it. Used by many satsang teachers. One of my friends can out-stare 
anyone. He kinds of drops into a Candidiasis-mind-fog, and hours can go by. 
Yifu Xero, this is good stuff. If you have the time and the inclination, I'd 
appreciate it if you'd listen to some of my recent interviews on 
htt:// - perhaps Ted Strauss, James Swartz, and James Braha - 
particularly the latter two - and see if you can offer me any advice in how do 
deal with this neo-Advaita issue. Actually, it looks like Tim Conway's page - - to which you linked, 
covers it nicely, so maybe you don't need to bother. I'll read that, and I'll 
be interviewing Tim on July 7 and get into the issue with him. I'll have to 
contact Greg Goode too. Thanks.

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