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The story summarized below as it was presented in the "Family chat" of
Maharishi channel (link given), was something I remember very well.
Maharishi said in December 1977: "There is an iron sward hanging on a
thread over Germany, every Meditator of Germany should go and learn the
Sidhis and Yogic flying in the course organized in Fehman."

The only fact we heard in the news were that the Warsaw Pact nations
were doing maneuver in
East Germany. An other fact was, that up to 31st December it was a very
winter with temperatures above 10. '

What surprisingly happened was a sudden
snow fall and drastic drop of temperature on 31st and it turned into a
natural catastrophy, people even died on the high ways as they got stuck
froze to death. That was all going on during the course that started

Maharishi like every year went into his annual silence from 31st
night to 7th Jan. night. When he came out the first thing he asked was
the course in Fehmarn. We replied: That yes its doing well, so many
flying etc. but there was extreme cold wave hitting north Europe.
"We changed a world catastrophy into a nature catastrophy."

Only later, when the German Magazine Spiegel published a report that the
of the Warsaw Pact was in fact a planned attack we understood the full

Nuclear war prevented by Maharishi's Technology of Consciousness:
Historical look at Germany, 1978
by Global Good New staff writer

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24 December 2010

How many times has the world come close to nuclear war—and how many
times has the danger been inexplicably averted, and by what means? The
Administrator of the Global Country of World Peace
<>  for Germany, spoke
of dramatic events in December, 1978—which became a turning point in
history, leading ultimately to the peaceful unification of Europe. But
they began by moving in the opposite direction, he said: a deliberate
march over the precipice to nuclear war.

He began* by explaining that 'Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
tml> , Founder of the Transcendental Meditation Programme
<>  and the Global Country of World Peace, dedicated
1978 as the Year of Invincibility for Every Nation.' This was the height
of the Cold War, and Germany was a potential battlefield between Warsaw
Pact countries and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

In July 1978, the largest military maneuvers since World War II took
place in East and West Germany. Soviet submarines were frequently
sighted in the Baltic Sea, but most people went about their lives
without much alarm, he recalled.

However, 'Maharishi saw the imminent danger, and made it very clear that
the survival of Germany was at stake,' the Administrator said.
'Maharishi created a course—Centre Invincibility Course for the
Survival of Germany. That was the official name.'

The course began in October 1978. Approximately 1,500 people in Germany
and neighboring countries applied for the course to learn the
Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme
<> , an advanced
programme for those already practising Transcendental Meditation.

The Administrator continued, 'At Christmastime, Maharishi called all the
course participants together, to the island of Fehmarn in the Baltic
Sea, to learn Yogic Flying
<> , the
''super technology of Invincibility <> ''.

'Maharishi's knowledge has two aspects: individual consciousness and
collective consciousness,' he explained. 'Two hundred fifty thousand
Germans know how beautiful it is to transcend, to experience inner bliss
and calmness. But the collective influence of their meditation, and
especially group practise of Yogic Flying, creates a peaceful influence
for 80 million people of Germany. It's a gift from Nature.'

* This report was originally featured in Global Good News on 15 December
2009; it is being repeated in honour of the Christmas holiday this year.
Part II of this series featured an account of what happened next, as the
historic events of December 1978 in Cold War Germany continued to
unfold—and the powerful coherence
<>  and bliss generated
in collective consciousness by Maharishi's special Invincibility course
neutralized the imminent danger of nuclear war threatening the nation
and the world.

Subsequent articles featured the in-depth perspective of Lt Col Gunter
Chassé, a decorated officer of the German Air Force (retired), who is
Deputy Minister of Invincible Defence
<>  for the Global Country of World

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Nature Froze Out Nuclear WW III

"Seven Days to the River Rhine" invasion was stopped.

The Nuclear attack of West Germany was underway for Christmas, 1978.

"Avert the danger before it comes"

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Russian Conventional and
Preemptive Nuclear Attack Plan (Red Mushroom Clouds)
Code Name: "Seven Days to the River Rhine"

NATO Defense plan (Blue Mushroom Clouds)

ar-Three-seen-through-Soviet-eyes.html> )

A Million Troops each in East and West Germany with millions in reserve.

Invasion plan started with massive military maneuvers. The largest
maneuvers since WW II were in process on both sides.

To avert the danger Maharishi organized a group of 1,500 Yogic Flyers on
the Island of Fehmarn. From the narrow strategic Baltic Sea strait they
created coherence and the Maharishi effect <>
, as it is known in the scientific literature, which takes place at the
most fundamental level of creation call the Unified Field by physicists.

The result was an unprecedented 72 hour subzero blizzard. Troops and
tanks could not move through 20 foot snow drifts.

Highways were frozen parking lots.

Trains were buried.

Submarines were stuck in the freezing Baltic Sea.

Tanks and soldiers came to the rescue of the people

Soldiers were happy to be of help for a change.

It took 10 days to dig out. The snow came again immobilizing the armies
and averting a nuclear World War III.

This Photo Story summarizes "Seven Days to the River Rhine
asf> ", the first hand video report (16 min) by Col. Gunter Chasse,
German Ari Force, retired. It is an excerpt from "How World War III
was Averted <> "
(1:07 hr), aired on the December 7th Maharishi Global Family Chat found
in the Maharishi Channel Archives

It is a scientific fact that practicing the Transcendental
Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® programs, including Yogic Flying
( <> ) in a group produce orderly coherent
brain functioning which spills over into the environment producing
coherent brain functioning in others. The Maharishi effect, as it is
known in the scientific literature, takes place at the most fundamental
level of creation call the Unified Field by physicists
( <> ).

Over 50 studies of the Maharishi effect have been published in peer
reviewed scientific journals. This is the most rigorously established
phenomenon in the social sciences with less than one chance in a
million-million of being wrong.

Decreased War and Terrorism

A critical experimental test of Maharishi's Unified Field-Based
Approach to Defense was conducted during the peak of the Lebanon war. A
day-by-day study of a two-month assembly in Israel in 1983 showed that,
on days when the number of participants in Maharishi's Unified
Field-Based Approach to Defense ("TM Group Size," right) was
high, war deaths in neighboring Lebanon dropped by 76% (p < 10-7). In
addition, crime, traffic accidents, fires, and other indicators of
social stress in Israel (combined into a Composite Index) all correlated
strongly with changes in TM group size. Other possible causes (weekends,
holidays, weather, etc.) were statistically controlled for (Journal of
Conflict Resolution 32: 776-812, 1988).

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