Thanks, Emily, and same for you...

re Judith Bournique:  our public library carries her book and I read it about a 
year ago.  As I posted recently, what she said did not and does not bother me.  

I do feel for people who strain against their nature to be celibate in the 
hopes of "eternal salvation."  As my post on The Great Stupa suggests, I 
actually believe committed intimate partnership to be a good and healthy path.  
But one that has decades of accumulated litter spoiling it.  It's no wonder to 
me that we humans can make horrendous mistakes in this area of life.  
Ho'oponopono ing on that (-: 

Happy listening.  This morning in the Dome I heard a hooty owl.  I felt the 
sound as if inside of me.  Tonight the chirping of catydids and the whir of the 
Tomorrow, who knows what sounds will fill me...          

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Posted before but "happiness is when you real feel good...."


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