"You must have not only freedom from fear, but freedom from hope and 
expectation. Trust in My Wisdom. I do not make mistakes. Love My uncertainty, 
for it is not a mistake. It is My intent and Will. Remember nothing happens 
without My Will. Be still. Do not ask to understand. Do not want to understand. 
Relinquish the imperative that demands understanding."

- Bhagavan Baba, Sanathana Sarathi, August, 1984


... As Bhagavan turned to go inside, one of the boys, (who had to leave by 1.00 
p.m. that afternoon) shouted, unable to contain his joy, "Sairam, Swami." 
"Sairam", responded Bhagavan and blessed us with His `abhaya hasta'. We were in 
raptures over His unexpected greeting and with it He sealed for all of us a 
cherished memory of a lifetime.


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