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> > Salyavin:
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> > Are you by any chance a clinical psychologist? You conduct
> psychotherapy? The only reason i ask is because of the thoughtful and
> complex reflections you share with us here on FFL--I am referring
> especially to your remarks about people. They are certainly sensitive and
> wise.
> I told you Robin, I have a gift for summing things up. What you
> don't see are the thoughtful and complex reflections that go into
> my remarks. Or do I just shoot my mouth off when I see another
> tedious attempt to kick start a defunct argument? Which is closer
> to truth, better to think or better just to act? I think that no-one
> really thinks but we just have spontaneous thoughts and then act and
> attempt to justify them later. Hmmm, I must have thought about that
> at some point.....

Wow, your brain must have been on fire after this paragraph - intense stuff
Salivating puppy, better go get a CAT scan just to be safe.

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