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> > > Please note that the only hysterical person here is 
> > > the Judester herself, which she will hopefully 
> > > demonstrate for us all later tonight. :-)
> > 
> > Well, actually I'll demonstrate how hysterical Barry
> > was all morning. 
> By using up a day's worth of posts in the first
> couple of hours of the new "posting week."

You're referring to the two posts I made yesterday
evening?? In response to the seven posts you made?

Barry's mental decline is getting really serious now.

Well, there was one more post of his I had intended
to take apart in which he attempts to justify his
disastrous crash-and-burn, but maybe I should just
leave it be out of compassion.

> That was my whole intention, Jude. :-)
> I knew you'd have to double down on seeing nothing
> wrong with calling someone a "Christian bigot" on
> the basis of *a movie you'd never seen, and still
> have never seen*. But I also knew you'd feel your
> self image so threatened by the subject coming up
> again that you'd overcompensate and...uh...post 
> away like a crazy person to do "image repair" and
> try to get the focus back on you again. You did. 
> Mission accomplished.  :-)

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