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> I found this video quite instructive about BPD, possibly explaining some 
> things we observe here.  
> Please don't see this as an attempt to denigrate anybody, this is not my 
> intention. I  just want to share a source of background information that 
> could be helpful to understand, or judge a situation. I am very aware that 
> there is always a graduation between what may be termed mentally sane, and 
> some kind of disorder, and if such a disorder is actually the case, that this 
> is not a reason for denigration.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=967Ckat7f98

It would be instructive for khazana to explain what he observes on FFLife as a 
reason for posting a video about BPD. He's not naming names, he's just trying 
to help everyone understand that we shouldn't denegrate people with BPD when we 
judge them. I guess he means we should have pity on those who must not be named 
for having a disability. As soon as khazana either tells me or I figure out who 
on FFLife has BPD, I'll be sure to judge the person kindly based on armchair 
diagnosis. Once I have someone neatly in a BPD box it will make my life so much 
easier because I'll feel good about myself that I can prejudge them with a 
proper measure of compassion, and won't have to bother reading or take 
seriously anything they have to say.    

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