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> > This is a dialog that is from a very old thread on AMT
> > https://groups.google.com/group/alt.meditation.transcendental/browse_thread/thread/5c398dd9868e264e/f18a119c907c5ad0?hl=de&lnk=gst&q=warning+light#f18a119c907c5ad0
> Terrific thread. Puts what goes on on FFL to shame.
> > There are at least 3 of the posters here now. Interesting,
> > as our mutual relationship was quite different then. You
> > can see that I am friendly with Barry AND Judy at the time,
> > but on this issue happen to agree more with Barry.
> > Interesting also, because I can see in it a pattern that
> > becomes even more clear now, after about 10 years, which
> > is the pattern of AVOIDANCE I can see with a certain poster
> > here.
> Which poster would that be, kazhana? 

Just read and recognize. As you know it, what's your problem?

> You know, you're coming
> across as quite a coward saying all these negative things
> about "certain posters" without naming them. Not naming them
> immunizes you from taking responsibility; it also enables you
> to say any damn thing that comes into your head whether it's
> true or not, without fear of challenge.
> Why don't you grow a pair and face up to the people you have
> a grudge against instead of resorting to this weasely, mean-
> girl crap? Don't be such a sissy. This is just an Internet
> forum, after all.

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