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> > > > > > Starbucks invitation still stands.
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> > > > > Look, I wouldn't mind if it was close by. But I think that
> > > > > you should have understanding if people who have been hurt
> > > > > by you in the past, resist meeting you. In this case,
> > > > > challenging them, or putting any kind of psychological
> > > > > pressure on them would surely be detrimental to your
> > > > > purpose.
> > > > 
[I wrote:]
> > > > He's done neither. It's an invitation, an offer, to anyone
> > > > who genuinely wants to know whether he has changed.
> > > 
> > > Yet, he posted it in the form of a challenge, and that is
> > > very inappropriate.
> > 
> > Not true, khazana: if I posed it as a challenge I would
> > disprove my very assertion. I do not challenge anyone these
> > days. You have seriously misread my first letter to Bill
> > Howell.
> Maybe, Robin, but then, if I misread it, that is to say, if
> I misunderstood your intentions, so may have done others who
> are actually concerned.

That does not follow. Your command of English is faulty,
and you have enormous hostility toward Robin, so you're
prone to misunderstand him in a way that supports your own

> I am just saying that I don't understand this move of you,
> trying to 'prove' something (that you have changed). Why not
> just own up to all of them, and let them have their
> judgments, no matter what they where? It is, as if you can't
> accept these judgments, that is why you have to prove to
> them that you are different now.

Perfect example of what I just described.

Howell, "Brahmi," and Lord Knows have claimed he has not
changed. Why would Robin "own up" to what they claim if
he believes he *has* changed? Why would he accept what
he feels is an incorrect judgment?

It's entirely appropriate for him to *offer* to prove
he has changed to anyone who doubts it.

And he has said *dozens* of times that he accepts the
judgments of him from 25 years ago, so that was never in
any kind of dispute. Moreover, his own judgment of
himself has been more severe than anyone else's.

> > Lord Knows had no fear of me--even ten years ago. He wanted
> > to meet with me. I was not ready to meet with anyone at
> > that time. He did not come for our scheduled visit in
> > September not because he was afraid of me, but (I believe) 
> > because he disapproved of me, and was offended that I did
> > not agree to the conditions which he set for our time
> > together.
> > 
> > I think he thought me unworthy of his company.
> I have no idea of course. I would say, whatever you meet
> now, in the form of Lord Knows and others, is your karma.
> Why not just accept it as it is? Why not just say: I am
> sorry, i was wrong all along.

What the *freak* is wrong with you, khazana? If he's said
once that he was wrong 25 years ago, he's said it literally
dozens of times. Again, that has never been in dispute.

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