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> Ann, my buddy in Vancouver captured some photos for you.  Do they
> Here's 3:22, with labels, and a few seconds after without. As an
experiment, I tried again on HD, full screen.
> The HD without labels has the best colour.
Hey, thanks for the trouble. The second photo shows my place with the
riding ring. If you follow the 'X' of the two runways from the part of
the 'X' that goes down towards the bottom right you will see two
rectangles just past the road that runs east west bordering the north
side of the airport (we are looking south). The second triangle is my
outdoor arena and just to the right of that, not quite visible is my
house and barn. You'll be able to recognize it when you all come for the
hoe down next summer. We'll get an aerial shot of all of us mingling in
the summer of 2013.

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