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Since time immemorial the creation of Heaven on Earth has been the
highest aspiration of religions. All religions teach, however, that if
Heaven is to be created on earth, it can happen only by having enough
individuals whose consciousness is fully developed; that is, individuals
whose consciousness is so expanded that it becomes one with the supreme
intelligence of nature which permeates the whole universe and upholds
all of creation.

  Heaven on Earth will be a living expression of pure knowledge and it's
infinite organizing power.  It will brilliantly display Nature's
functioning bringing supreme fulfillment to life.

  With reference to CULTURE, Heaven on Earth will be characterized by
cultural integrity in which every nation will blossom in the richness of
its natural cultural dignity.  Life will be lived spontaneously in
accord with the natural law of the land.  No culture will overshadow any
other culture.  The whole world family will be a beautiful mosaic of
different cultures.  With the full blossoming of culture on earth,
civilization will be perfect.  Heaven on Earth will be characterized by
a perfect civilization.

  With Heaven on Earth, every nation will spontaneously radiate a
nourishing influence to neighboring nations, and the whole family of
nations will naturally enjoy harmony and real freedom.

  With Heaven on Earth, INVINCIBILITY will be the national characteristic
of every nation, victory before war will be enjoyed by every nation.

With reference to DEFENSE, Heaven on Earth will be characterized by
victory before war -in the lack of the need to prepare for defense-
because everything and everyone will be on the path of evolution, and as
a result, coherence in every country will be so strong that
invincibility will be a natural feature of national life.  No negativity
will arise and no enemy will be born for any nation.

Heaven on Earth on the COLLECTIVE level will be characterized by
indomitable positivity, harmony, and peace on all levels of collective
life -family, community, nation, and the world.  Heaven on Earth will
also be characterized by perfection in all areas of the life of the
individual and society.

Heaven on Earth on the INDIVIDUAL level will be characterized by perfect
health, long life in bliss, the ability to effortlessly fulfill one's
desires, and live always in a beautiful, ever fresh, and nourishing

Considering all the innumerable values of life and living, Heaven on
Earth will be characterized by all good everywhere and non-good nowhere
– beautiful sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment for everyone always
and everywhere.

With reference to LIVING, Heaven on Earth will be characterized by
self-sufficiency in the ability to know anything, do anything, and
accomplish anything.

With reference to LIFE, Heaven on Earth is characterized by perfection,
complete balance and integration.  Fulfillment will prevail on all
levels of life and living -spiritual, intellectual, physical, material,
environment, and cosmic.

Heaven on Earth may be defined as the supreme quality of life everywhere
in this beautiful world when weakness and suffering is not found
anywhere, and everyone in the world enjoys real freedom in bliss and
fulfillment.  This Heaven on Earth is now going to be real for everyone
and every nation.

  Heaven on Earth has been the most laudable aspiration of the wise
throughout the ages.  Creation of Heaven on Earth is the most desirable
project in the entire history of the human race.  Everyone can now enjoy
Heaven on Earth through perfect alliance with Natural Law, through the
enlivenment of the total potential of Natural Law in one's own


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