Ok, that one grabs my attention.  Really?  Nixon proposed a guaranteed annual 
income?!  Do you think it was merely a political move?

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Who says that people who cannot find work are lazy?  There are plenty of 
well qualified workers who can't find work.  There isn't enough work for 
the working population.

How are we subsidizing poverty?  You know who the biggest welfare 
recipients are?  The military industrial complex.  So let's start there 
if you want to stop welfare.

OTOH, I'm all for stipends for everyone or what was once called a 
"guaranteed annual income" proposed by that old "commie" ..... Richard 
M. Nixon.

On 12/11/2012 11:20 AM, Mike Dixon wrote:
> But isn't that what Clinton wanted? Remember the good 'ol days of government 
> prosperity? Raising taxes on the *rich*, back to Clinton levels, will only 
> run the Gubment another 8 days a year. Let's screw everybody, especially the 
> poor. It's time to stop subsidizing poverty. The more the government 
> subsidizes poverty , the more of it we get. I'd like to see those earning 
> below the poverty line paying MORE in taxes than those earning just  above 
> that line. If we can discourage people from bad behavior like smoking, 
> drinking ,driving and being comfortable in home and workplace, through higher 
> taxes, then we should do the same for being lazy. Tax the *F* out of those 
> able, but unwilling, to work.
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> It should be clear to everyone by now that the Republicans are not going to 
> approve any higher tax rate for the wealthy.  As such, they will let the Bush 
> Tax Cut legislation expire.  And, we'll be stuck with paying higher income 
> taxes beginning on January 1, 2013.
> http://news.yahoo.com/voter-disdain-spreads-fiscal-cliff-looms-085417763--finance.html


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