It's always a good day when I learn something new.  Today I learned something 
new about
zebras, thanks Ann
Twinkies, thanks Turq
and Richard M. Nixon, thanks Bhairitu  

I think in the put down dept I've merely kept up with you and some unnamed 

OTOH there are many on FFL whose posts I do enjoy.  And I have noticed that 
most men here are understanding and or forgiving.  That means a lot to me.    

 From: Emily Reyn <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] bye bye wts hello dear Buttery Ones

Dear Share - you have missed the point entirely and are again restating your 
righteousness in assigning those you don't like to a cult.  Clearly you believe 
this.  I reject this concept completely, just so you know, and want to inform 
you that your black and white, polarized thinking is not doing you any service. 
 You are seemingly in unbelievable denial about your own self, despite all this 
meditation and healing you do, and my opinion is that you subconsciously use it 
*to* avoid yourself and bolster your false self and attitude of 
self-righteousness so you never have to get real with anyone.

You may take this conclusion from me as what I think sincerely at this point in 
time.  You routinely exercise a mean streak.  *You* don't have the cojones to 
admit or defend or discuss anything you post - you simply launch one attack 
after another.  I'm guessing you do see yourself as a savior, don't you - the 
"butter bouncer" in this latest scenario.  

So far, we've had "psychological rape", "vile accusations" "wts", "FFL high 
school with the penguins," numerous suggestions, put-downs, name-calling, and 
judgments, your promise to pray for us, your wishing "complete" healing on us 
all, your doing everything possible to avoid having a discussion about anything 
with anybody who might challenge you (which btw is everyone on this forum), and 
your constant acting out of your vision of yourself as a victim of those you've 
identified as your "enemies."  I'm too exhausted to continue.  

If you had any ability to both take it and give it, I might forgive this and 
commend you on your creative use of the term "butter."  Unfortunately, I 
sincerely believe you actually believe all this and the undertones are 
intuitively mean.  If I respond with humor, you'll call me "creepy" right?   

Why are you here, Share?  What do you get out of this forum? 

 From: Share Long <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 4:34 AM
Subject: [FairfieldLife] bye bye wts hello dear Buttery Ones

Concerned about lack of blood flow in Judy and Emily due to twisted knickers 
over my usage of wts, I will instead use Buttery Ones to designate a grouping 
of certain FFL posters:
Robin depending if he ironic or not is Melted Butter or Cultured Butter
Judy depending if she is vitriolic or not is Churned Butter or Unsalted Butter
Raunchy depending if she is nasty or not is Rancid Butter or Goat Milk Butter
Ann depending is she's at her stores or with her horses is Waffle Butter or 
Organic Butter

Emily depending on her state is either Butter Cookies or Buttered Rum
Ravi depending on his state is either Clarified Butter (Ghee) or sorry I can't 
resist, Nut Butter

Though not an official member of Buttery Ones, me with a wink to Barry, I'm 
Butter Bouncer ha ha

Dear BO (Buttery Ones)
Steve has been slathered enough don't you think?  But to set the record 
straight he's correct about why I didn't reply to Ravi.  What Ravi said about 
John Newton is not what I would call a conversational opener if you know what I 
mean.  As for Ann, I think she initially posted John's photo and then a big 
excerpt from his website.  But I don't remember that she said anything nasty 
about him.  Did I miss something important?  Anyway, I was glad she posted his 

Yeah, I got triggered by what Rancid Bu er Raunchy said about John.  So what?!  
Oh right, like you all NEVER get triggered?!  Or if you do, it's only about 
Really Important Stuff.  Whatever!

Emily I was not suggesting that anyone needed HELP from John Newton.  I think I 
used the phrase EXTRA BENEFITS.  And I think Raunchy knows exactly what I mean 
by people in her life in this context.  BTW, yes we are moving onto other 
topics now.  Slowly but surely.  Kind of like Oozing Butter.

Anyway, I aim to avoid using wts.  Though even in recent posts there is 
evidence of more wts thinking.  Sigh...a
 Butter Bouncer's work is never done (-:   


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