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<snip>> Well, you have the right credentials all the way down too, Curtis.
> I liked all of what you said here. And I am utterly convinced.
> I need to do more work on myself to catch how I thought I was so right (when 
> I judged raunchy's post) only to then realize just as intensely, how wrong I 
> was after reading this.
> Life is a a pretty goddam subtle thing, ain't it, Curtis?
> I don't know what to believe now.
> But this was fun fun fun reading this.
> Don't expect me to be smart enough to have anything to say--in raunchy's 
> defense--or my own.
> You are a great guy, Curtis. Let's leave it at that.
> I have to admit one thing: your honesty goes deeper than anything I have ever 
> encountered--almost. And that honesty is the most profound quality of this 
> post.
> Let's just love one another. I hope raunchy can see through her pride (and 
> bigotry) to admit you have completely overpowered her here. I think you have, 
> anyhow.
> If I took you seriously, Curtis, I would be an idiot.
> But I do. I do. I like being an idiot. Keeps me just smart enough around here.
> But I ain't getting in that sandbox with you. No matter how many of your 
> dinky toys you give me. I like your electric train best of all. You have not 
> seen Skuffy my Tugboat: I make him go fast in the bathtub. 
> No, around you, Curtis, the sense of truth makes me into a bullshitter. That 
> way I will stay true to myself.
> I know one thing, Curtis: We are in for a helluva party one day. I promise 
> you this.
> Just make sure you strangle that blue rabbit's neck.

Me:  I am finding it impossible to relate to anything you have written here as 
coming from a sincere place.  And I know that this may be a failing in my 
appreciation of what you wrote.  But it seems to turn back on itself like a 
pair of medical logo snakes, and I just can't figure out exactly where you are 
putting me on and where you are being nice, if that is even an accurate read of 
a single line.  I get the sense that the minute I accepted anything positive 
about me from what you wrote, I would hear the gales of cackles from those who 
get you here better than I do.

I do have some clues, like whenever you are saying something that seems 
uncharitable about Judy it is always a put on.  So is it the same for what you 
said about Raunchy?  My instinct is yes, that this is the schtick you are 
running and that was a tell. Believe anything here, and you will have a fool 
for a reader.

But I did appreciate that you responded, even through my confusion.  What 
disappointed me about your initial response was that I consider you a bastion 
of support for artistic freedom, wherever it leads.  That much I feel confident 
that I know about you.

Oh and I must be thick or something but I didn't get the rabbit reference at 
all, which may have enhanced my being ill at ease with the whole thing.


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