Hmmmmm, the blue rabbit.  Well, rabbits are symbols of fertility - could 
stretch that to the new year, birth of a new age - and don't strangle it.  Or, 
I thought maybe the velveteen rabbit (a wonderful poignant story of how toys 
become real) might have some applicability - but that rabbit isn't blue and I 
had to get absurdly creative to relate it.  There is a blue rabbit breed that 
is at risk of extinction - could have been a reference meant somewhere there.  
I didn't trigger on this, except to note it was a bit excruciating - and I 
appreciated the irreverence.     

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> > Oh and I must be thick or something but I didn't get the rabbit
> > reference at all, which may have enhanced my being ill at ease
> > with the whole thing.
>   [blue rabbit] 
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I'm as dumb as Curtis when it comes to understanding Robin's posts, and that 
pic isn't helping any. Just sayin'...


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