You know Barry I just got this fantastic deodorant. (eyebrows raised to near my 
hairline) And it is really great. (Knowing look leveled, slight dimple at the 
corner of my mouth.)

It really helps with, you know, the odors...(pregnant pause) you know (head 
nods up and down a few times.

If you need help finding coupons for some to reduce the cost, I would be happy 
to help you find some. ( Now I am locking onto your eyes like a tiger and a 
spring buck.)

I have many friends who found it highly beneficial to use some of this daily to 
avoid social embarrassment.( Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

Of course I'm not implying that you stink like a troll who spent the day 
underground mining precious metals next to a blast furnace, but I just wanted 
you to know that I believe that you might find that fewer people have to blow 
lunch after spending time in an elevator with you if you enjoyed some of this 
wonderful product.(Now my hand is on your shoulder, my head is tilted slightly 
to the right, and I am continuously nodding like a bobblehead doll in the rear 
window of a car going over cobble stones.)

Deodorant.  Just say'n, deodorant.  Might want to consider some sometime...

(I hope the community appreciates the restraint it took to pass up using some 
other products for that not so fresh feeling.)

--- In, turquoiseb <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Share, I have to comment. While I know that you must feel that you are
> helping and doing something positive by proselytizing for all these
> healers and teachers and charlatans you see, I think that you're doing
> so as the result of laboring under a faulty assumption.
> You seem to assume that everyone here feels as *in need of* healing and
> forgiveness as you are. This simply isn't true.
> I think you may be taking your experience in Fairfield (where *far* too
> many people are *far* too sick *far* too much of the time, or believe
> that they are) and your experiences in life (still obsessing over
> traumatic or negative experiences you've had and feeling that you need
> to be "healed" of them) and projecting these things onto other people.
> You seem to be assuming, in other words, that everyone is pretty much
> like you, and spends their lives in constant NEED of "healing" and
> "forgiveness."
> I think you're wrong. I, for one, almost *never* think about these
> things, and furthermore, never have. I don't think that most of the
> people on this forum think of them very often, either. Instead, we tend
> to live our lives and focus on happier things, not wallowing in past
> guilt or wanting forgiveness for past transgressions or feeling that we
> need healing from a seemingly endless list of maladies.
> In addition, to be perfectly honest, most of us have neither the time on
> our hands that you seem to have, in which to flock to endless healers
> and charlatans in search of these things, or the freely-available
> amounts of money that you seem to have to spend on them.
> So, while you are free to keep pursuing this seemingly endless quest for
> absolution and healing yourself PLEASE don't keep assuming that everyone
> on this forum (or *anyone* on this forum, for that matter) wants to
> emulate your example. I honestly don't think that most people do.
> We studied the things we studied and learned from the teachers we worked
> with *so that we wouldn't have to keep studying with them and learning
> from them forever*. We were interested in learning a few techniques or a
> little useful information that would enable us to stand on our *own* two
> feet spiritually, and not be constantly running off to someone else to
> "do it for us."
> Treating us as if we're as stuck in the "I'm not the way I want to be
> yet, so I have to see another teacher or healer this week...maybe two"
> rut the way you seem to be in is kinda insulting, and not nearly the
> favor you seem to think it is. And we *certainly* don't need to be told
> "how to pray" by someone who makes his living by selling insta-prayers
> to people too uncreative to think up their own.
> I guess that what I'm suggesting is that you should save your enthusiasm
> about the charlatans you spend your money on for people more like
> yourself. My feeling is that very few on this forum are in the market
> for what you're selling, and you constantly trying to sell it to us is
> getting old.
> --- In, Share Long <sharelong60@>
> wrote:
> >
> > prayers:  God, all that You are, please help me to forgive them. 
> Please help them to forgive me.  Please help us all to forgive each
> other, forgive ourselves, forgive all people and all people forgive us,
> completely and totally, no matter what, please and thank you.
> >
> > Notes:  you can use any word or phrase in place of God.  Infinite
> Light, Divine Presence, Source, Being, Divine Mother, etc.  But John
> also said that any phrase would work.  In the training on Dec 8, he used
> an ordinary phrase and it worked, meaning that the person's pain
> subsided.  He said we're not praying to someone higher than ourselves. 
> We're praying to someone more all inclusive than ourselves.
> >
> > John's main teacher, Howard Wills began using Ancestral Forgiveness
> Prayers over 30 years ago and has helped many people with all kinds of
> minor and major ailments.  John himself began working with people over
> 25 years ago.  He began studying with Howard about 16 years ago and
> continues to also help many people with all kinds of minor and major
> ailments.  John also learned the TMSP in 1992 and continues to practice
> that.  Here's a slightly longer version of the prayer:
> >
> > prayer:  God, all that You are, for me, all my family members, all our
> relationships, all our ancestors and all their relationships through all
> time, through all our lives.  For all hurts and wrongs:  physical,
> mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and financial through thought, word
> or deed--please help us all forgive each other, forgive ourselves,
> forgive all people and all people forgive us, completely and totally, no
> matter what, please and thank you.
> >
> > Notes:  John explains that the 4 pillars of the prayers are:  God,
> forgiveness, please, thank you.  When he works with people he sometimes
> says a longer version of the prayer out loud.  Sometimes has the person
> repeat after him.  Sometimes he says the prayer silently.  Often he
> customizes the prayer to the person's particular situation.  With his
> 25+ years of working successfully with people he has noticed that
> certain parts of the body are associated with certain issues.  For
> example, he has noticed that teeth issues, in addition to the mundane
> causes, are often associated with fear of dying.
> >
> > I offer all this in case anyone on FFL is dealing with major stuff
> either themselves or with a loved one.  The prayer of course can be used
> in conjunction with both Western approaches to well being and approaches
> from other cultures.
> >

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