I can't argue with any of that!

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Sthapatya Veda is just a Placebo Effect

It is sorry to see people in Skelmersdale working to make a whole new 
Sthapatya-vedic village, wasting all the effort to build a community, including 
a Golden Dome, with the idea that much good will come of it.

We all want to believe that Maharishi is 100% correct.  But we have also seen 
Veda Land fail, Deepak Chopra going off on his own, tallest building in the 
world in the center of India, and other failed projects and mistakes.  We tend 
to forget about these. He does not have to be 100% correct to be the wisest man 
on Earth.  90%, or even 80%, is still WAY above everyone else.

If the Brits are looking to Fairfield Iowa as an example of SV "success" think 
again.  Telegroup was doing fine, as one of the top 1% of American businesses, 
until they established their headquarters in a new SV building.  They not only 
did NOT succeed, they started going  bankrupt.  Telegroup went from hiring over 
400 employees, to hiring zero - even though it is in an industry that has 
flourished, telecommunications. Same with Global Link, and other companies in 
Fairfield that put their faith in SV.

MUM tore down about 15 "pod" dormitories that were in good shape because the 
were not SV.  They had to have a fund raiser to tear them down.  There was no 
massive influx of students - mainly visa seeking foreign students who don't 
seem to really care about the meditation.  There is not enough housing, so many 
have to live off campus, and tend to be less on the program.  It would have 
been better to keep the pods, and get the revenue for the rooms for the 
students. There is not enough money to build replacement housing.  There are 
just empty fields there.

If something is going to work, it will show results.  We have given SV about 20 
years to show that it works.  There is not a single scientific article 
published about it, much less its success.   People would have noticed, in 
thousands of years, if facing east really brought success or if south did not.  
When does the Sun go from being good at sunrise in the east to being bad around 
noon in the south?  The whole sun-based "logic" is not internally consistent.  
SV is just a placebo effect.  If you think it works, it does.  If you don't 
think it works, you are also right.

Skelmersdale, save your time and money.  Build on what you have already 
achieved.  Maharishi's TM, TM-Sidhis Program, and Super Radiance do work, and 
have scientific research behind them. Sadly SV does not work.  We should face 
the truth and judge knowledge by its fruits. 

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> Quite simply you don't know what you are talking about - as to feng shui, 
> even a cursory examination of the multitude of feng shui resources will show 
> that in feng shui south facing entrances can be quite positive. There are 
> many different kinds of feng shui and most practitioners (unlike Maha) don't 
> claim to have revitalized and rejuvenated and brought forth the real deal of 
> truth out of an ancient practice. 
> Someone told Maharishi early on that feng shui had good things to say about a 
> south facing entrance and thus in classic Mahastyle he bad mouthed all south 
> facing entrances to distinguish MAHARISHI sthapatya veda from feng shui, 
> really hamming it up as to how much woe and bad fortune would accrue if you 
> don't get a MAHARISHI vastu veda design. And he did this to frighten people 
> into using only HIS brand of architecture to, of course increase his revenue.
> As I have stated here before, if one looks at other vastu veda web sites that 
> are not connected to the Movement, you will see that most of them address the 
> issue of south facing entrances by saying that there are some (unnamed) 
> people who claim an east facing entrance is the only one that is viable and 
> acceptable and that this assertion in not true in all circumstances. These 
> are people who have been studying and practicing vastu veda far longer than 
> Big M ever did. 
> Maha didn't contribute a damn thing to vastu veda except to treat it like all 
> the Hindu/Vedic stuff he promoted over the years, tried to make out like he 
> was the one who either invented it or revitalized it and brought it back into 
> its full glory. 
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> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: !Progress in the Fairfield Dome Meditation 
> Numbers!
> Maharishi's contribution to the field of architecture via vedic vastu is 
> truly valuable, but like everything in the tmorg it becomes a panacea for all 
> of the worlds woes which is nonsense and a hyperbole.
> Clearly East facing facades are superior, even in Feng Shui (Chinese 
> architecture) this is true.
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> >
> > Thank you for telling me this although my question was to Anne about the 
> > idea that a Master wouldn't incarnate in a female body, which of course is 
> > horse shit - actually not even as good as horse shit cuz you can use horse 
> > shit as compost which helps things grow if used properly
> > 
> > On another note, I don't think the Movements best foot these days is TM 
> > sidhis - it has to be vastu veda - I can't wait for everyone to begin to 
> > rebuild there homes and offices to have the proper vastus - I intend to 
> > hover over the line of taxis to see the construction efforts, the line of 
> > taxis carrying all the re-certified governors to the mountains to escape 
> > the millions of people who are clamoring to be initiated.
> > 
> > 
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> > Numbers!
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> > > what kind of readings do you get that tell you that?
> > > 
> > >
> > 
> > Jack, in the meditating community you only need to contribute money to the 
> > right places to get on the right mailing lists.  The only thing is that I 
> > have to re-write these releases they send to me to make them much less 
> > antagonizing and more palatable for folks to read as I do 'forward' them on 
> > to people to read.  As our movement 'development' apparatchiks write copy 
> > what comes out of their offices is TM-sidhis  "yogic flying" this and 
> > TM-sidhis "yogic flying" that.  If they did some honest market research and 
> > focus groups they would know that most folks here identify as 'meditators' 
> > and are not interested in "Yogic Flying" anymore and are in fact 
> > antagonized by putting "yogic flying" forward as our best foot.  These 
> > releases read better re-written substituting "meditator" and "meditation" 
> > for TM-sidhis "yogic flyer" and  "yogic flying".
> > -Buck in the Dome
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> > > Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: !Progress in the Fairfield Dome Meditation 
> > > Numbers!
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> > > --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Buck" wrote:
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> > > > To our dear Meditating Movement family,
> > > > 
> > > > The Vedic Pandits are finally coming â€"not just the original 
> > > > 556 but a total of 600!
> > > > 
> > > > With the addition of this group of Pandits, we will achieve a stable 
> > > > Super Radiance group of 2,000 meditating to create Invincibility for 
> > > > America, a goal we have all worked towards for 30 years.
> > > > 
> > > > -Buck
> > > 
> > > Buck, do me a favour, and I am dead serious here, let me know what 
> > > invincibility for America looks like when it happens. I am so dense I 
> > > might just miss it. Oh, and while you're at it maybe you could point out 
> > > Maitreya if you happen to stumble on him/her (I think it is a him though, 
> > > because somehow women aren't yet qualified, according to my readings, to 
> > > embody such a powerful Supreme Master within their more delicate 
> > > physiques.)
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