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> dear laughingPerson, I've already done the gender bender rabbit hole in 
> regards to merudanda who I labeled he.  But Robin twice referred to that 
> person as she.  I even found, from the mystery person themself, conflicting 
> posts:  one to Obba wherein he called himself Purusha; another wherein she 
> said she's a woman.  
> I finally figured that they are existing at that finest level where Shiva IS 
> Shakti, where Purusha IS Prakriti etc.  And I remain grateful to meruD for 
> the tender feelings inspired in me regardless of their gender.
> PS  You?  I always knew you're a guy.  And then someone, maybe Richard, 
> joked about how you are young enough to be my grandson.  So age can be yet 
> another perplexing parameter online.

True about the age thing on a forum. I hope that the way I express myself makes 
me appear younger than I really am, not in an immature way but in a 
spontaneous, innocent kind of way.

Getting back to the gender thingy, I guess not everyone remembered (or even 
read) my offer to go to NJ and give Judy a good spanking in lieu of traveling 
to FF. Hey wait a minute, you don't necessarily have to be a man to do that 
now, do you?

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> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Is "he" a "she" or vice versa? Does it make a 
> difference?
> Some good thoughts in your list Steve...how many nights did you say that you 
> couldn't sleep? BTW, my beer should be corrected as follows:
> Laughinggull â€" Is it really beer *he* is brewing, or just a fizzy, 
> sparkling beverage? The jury is out on that, but it always tickles the 
> insides.
> LOL...I guess my feminine side is coming through here at FFL. Now it makes 
> sense, Steve, when you highlighted a line from one of my posts, and wrote 
> something like: "What the woman said." Kinda elevates your comment some time 
> ago: "Someone could fall in love with you based on this comment alone" or 
> somesuch.
> Now I'm curious as what others with whom I've interacted on this forum 
> thought I was (perhaps I should rephrase that, eh?). An interesting 
> discussion might be *how* we respond (or not) to others on an online forum 
> because of gender, and how that might *change* if someone isn't the gender we 
> think he/she is.
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