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> > > > jstein wrote:
> > > > > As you know, I skimmed a few chapters in Paul's
> > > > > book and found some pretty snarky remarks
> > > > > concerning MMY.
> > > > > 
> > > > So, you haven't read Paul's book.
> > > > 
> > > > But, isn't it a fact that the parts you read you read on the 
> > Internet.
> > > > Exactly which parts of the book do you consider to be snarky?
> > > > 
> > > > You are supposed to read the book BEFORE you make your 
> > > > comments!
> > > 
> > > For once, Willytex is right on.  I encounter the same
> > > thing with my book.  Some people go into it looking
> > > for something to dislike, something that verifies 
> > > their existing assumptions, and stop reading the 
> > > moment they find it.
> > > 
> > > I'll believe Judy's rants against Paul the day she
> > > actually announces she finished reading her book.  
> > 
> > Actually, if *I* had written a book, I probably
> > would have long since finished reading it.
> > 
> > (You can always tell when Barry's rattled; his
> > lies become more and more extreme and he begins
> > to get incoherent.)
> And you can always tell when Judy is trying to
> divert attention from the fact that she refuses
> to answer Shemp's easy question because she seizes
> on any and all nitpicks possible to do so.

Well, there's one lie.  I haven't "refused to 
answer" Shemp's question, as I've already noted.

Plus the REALLY STUPID lie that Barry in this
post was trying to call attention to my response
to Shemp's question, when it was actually about Paul.

See what I mean about rattled?

> Not to mention diverting attention away from the
> fact that she's ragging on the author of a book
> about his hypocrisy when she hasn't ever bothered
> to read his book, as Willytex pointed out.

And there's another, double-barrelled.  First, 
finding snarky bits, even on a quick skim, in a
book whose author claims to be objective is
indeed grounds for a hypocrisy charge.

But second, I've repeatedly made it clear that
*most* of my hypocrisy charge against Paul is based
on his posts to this and several other forums, not
on his book.

Barry's well aware of this.

> As for "lying," I did say 'her' rather than 'his' 
> when referring to the book in question.  Mea culpa.
> But I suspect that most people would consider that 
> a grammatical error caused by having to rush off 
> to work rather than a lie, but hey!, Judy's the 
> expert here...if she says you a liar, then you 
> are one.  :-)

And another lie.  I wasn't referring to Barry's error
as a lie, but rather to his claim that my "rants
against Paul" had to do with his book rather than
with his posts, as noted above.

Again, Barry knows this.  He just hopes he can fool
readers who haven't been paying close attention.

> You can see why I backslide from time to time and
> interact with her...she's just so amusing sometimes.
> But I admit it...I bad...back to trying to ignore
> her silliness...

This is all so absolutely typical of Barry's behavior
on alt.m.t.  He's been trying to create a different
image of himself on FFL, but when the chips are down,
he reverts to type, exposing himself for the thoroughly
dishonest phony he is.

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