Oh, I guess a *line on water* in this case, would be *being aware of the 
tragedy and moving on*. A *line on dirt* would be wrapping oneself in the 
tragedy and being resentful of others not sharing in it. Making sure others 
notice, not letting go.


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How do you define "line on water" and "line on air" and is there a "line on 

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>Hey, what do you expect? We live in a touchy-feely society. If our talking 
>heads don't express an abundance of regret/remorse-fullness, they are thought 
>to be crude and insensitive. They all have to out-perform their counter 
>parts.Drama sells.
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>Aren't you glad you learned meditation?  The rest of the country gets  all 
>emotionally hung up on the shooting yesterday while for us it is  "line on 
>water."  So we are treated to the bleating of talking heads and  everyones 
>opinion.  Liberals call for more gun laws and conservative  point out it was a 
>mental health issue.  I just think it is a sign of  the times.  America 
>doesn't work anymore in more ways than one so expect  more of this and worse.  

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