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> I have one problem with all that you say here, Steve: Life dishes up
perceptions which require you to transcend sentimental abstractions and
arbitrary perspectives--Then life makes its demand upon you (and your
first person ontology): I have thought myself true to this demand. Has
life told you that my reading of its imperative to me was wrong?
the jury is still out on that Robin
> Sometimes life takes no prisoners. Ever felt that?
all the time Robin, all the time.  it's called living on the razor's
> But I agree, Ted should just have said: "That was really nice, Sylvia.
I hope we can be happy ever after."
> She may have taken Ted the wrong way.
> I think your counsel goes deeper than Ted's description of the love
they made that afternoon.
> Also, Leonard's "Hallelujah" and "Suzanne": I see how they transgress
your ideal of equanimity and being nice.
> For me, Steve: I always go for intelligence before bromides.
okay, but where to do one liners comes in?
> So, I get where Ted was coming from.
> But also why Sylvia became extremely unhappy.
> I am just fighting my therapist here--probably good for me.
> Please contextualize the Hughes poem inside your philosophy.
okay, but I'll have to get it on the second go around, as well as the
link.  right now I have to finish my Mrs. Hullings chocolate cake and
check out a video my sister sent me.

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