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> laughinggull108:
> > An interesting discussion might be *how* we respond (or not)
> > to others on an online forum because of gender, and how that
> > might *change* if someone isn't the gender we think he/she
> > is...
> Maybe, but on a forum such as this, it seems to be more fun to
> respond to messages based on a person's birth circumstances,
> or what state or city they might live in. Go figure.
> How an anonymous poster responds in regard to where a
> person  lives or what country or state they live in. For
> Barry, it's important that anyone that lives in Texas
> is a 'prairie dog fucker'.

Now you've done it, varmit. You've gone and pissed
off the former Texan in me. I do *NOT* believe that
everyone in Texas gets it on with small prairie
rodents. That is a base lie, if anyone ever said
it of me.

To the contrary, I believe that there are too few people
in Texas intelligent enough *to* fuck a prairie dog for
the practice to have become a widespread phenomenon.



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