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> dear De Facto Ever Watchful, Doc's Inn across from the public library offers 
> organic buffalo burgers.  We could order them extra rare and that would take 
> care of the blood requirement per the Maasai.  What support of Nature!  
> Dear Carde, what's big in some Fairfield circles these days is fermented 
> foods like sauerkraut and kefir.

Do fermented grapes, potatoes and barley count too?

  A local woman has created a whole cottage industry supplying such for the 

She's called a 'moonshiner'.

  And then there are the raw foodies.  
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> Dear Card, this is really terribly interesting science and is proly 
> completely relevant to the Invincible America Assembly right now.
> Sort of like the results in the public 'school lunch program' it would 
> probably improve spiritual experiences in the Dome quite a lot in the 
> meditation if more people in there were better nourished and particularly if 
> the the course administration would serve some scrambled eggs or real protein 
> along with coffee and cream during the mid-morning break.  Evidently it would 
> be very good to enforce a better diet to have a much healthier group of 
> meditators,  "..Clean your plate or no stipend today!".  The Science says so.
> Ever watchful to improve the spiritual experience of everyone in the large 
> group program, 
> -Buck, First De Facto Public Health Officer of the Age of Enlightenment up to 
> now and Heaven on Earth after 12.21.2012 
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> > http://blueheronhealthnews.com/site/?p=6665
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> > Micheal Cook · Top Commenter
> > Throughout our history a healthy diet was one which was based mainly on 
> > foods of animal origin and high in fats. Where the major health problems 
> > occured in Britain, it was not among people who ate a lot of fat, but in 
> > those who did not get enough.The comparatively wealthy, who ate meat and 
> > dairy produce regularly, had average lifespans which were comparable with 
> > or better than those of today. It was the poor who could not afford such 
> > foods who suffered high levels of infant mortality, poor growth and 
> > shorter, less healthy lives.
> > 
> > In the 1920's, Sir John Boyd Orr conducted a number of studies which 
> > compared growth rates of children in public schools with those in state run 
> > schools. He found that those from wealthier backgrounds were significantly 
> > taller than their poorer peers. After examining their relative diets and 
> > changing
> > the constituents, Boyd Orr proved conclusively that children of the 
> > socially deprived, who lived on a largely carbohydrate diet of bread and 
> > potatoes, benefitted from a diet supplemented with full-cream milk.
> > 
> > Boyd Orr's studies found confirmation in observations among the people's of 
> > India made by Sir Robert McCarrison, a colonial medical officer. He 
> > compared the southern Indians, who ate very little in the way of dairy 
> > produce and who were of stunted growth and prone to disease, with their 
> > neighbours to the north, the Sikhs, who drank a great deal of milk and were 
> > fit and healthy. Maasai, who lived almost exclusively on blood and milk, 
> > with their unhealthy vegetarian neighbours, the Kikuyu. That added to the 
> > weight of evidence.
> > 
> > Boyd Orr concluded that the food intake of half the British population was 
> > seriously deficient in a number of what he called 'protective 
> > constitiuents' which were necessary for good health. In the late 1930's he 
> > proposed that the British people should drink more milk, and eat more dairy 
> > produce and meat. The British government of the time recommended that milk 
> > consumption should be doubled and introduced free school milk. The British 
> > Medical Association, giving specific amounts, advised that the population 
> > should consume 80% more milk, 55% more eggs, 40% more butter and 30% more 
> > meat. Later, with the advent of television advertising, the government 
> > sponsored its own 'go to work on an egg' campaign.
> > 
> > Except for the period of food rationing during the 1940s and early 1950s, 
> > Boyd Orr's recommended diet was the standard British fare. We ate breakfast 
> > of eggs and fatty bacon fried in lard: dripping, the fat from the sunday 
> > roast, was saved to have on bread and toast: we drank full cream milk and 
> > ate butter. Only the poor ate margarine: and only the poor had high levels 
> > of disease. The recommendations to eat a relatively high-fat, high-animal 
> > protein diet led to a spectacular decrease in diseases: rickets, called the 
> > 'English Disease' because it was so widespread together with other 
> > defeciency diseases, largely disappeared from our lives: child deaths from 
> > diptheria, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough also fell dramatically 
> > well before the introduction of anti-biotics and widespread immunisation. 
> > Although other factors helped, most important was the higher resistance of 
> > children to disease that followed from better nutrition. That dietary 
> > advice,
>  given to the people of Britain in 1938 remained the basis of our diet for 
> nearly 50years, during which time our mean life expectancy increased from 60 
> years in 1930 to 70years by 1960 and by 1990 it had reached 75years. ( >From 
> the book 'Natural health and weight loss' by a Barry Groves.)
> > 
> > Since the 1980s there has been a reversal of all that went before in the 
> > previous 50 years. No fat, low fat, meat consumption has been drastically 
> > cut from our diet, as has eggs, full cream milk, all on the advice of the 
> > modern day 'health gurus' 'nutirionists' and tv health pundits who are 
> > indoctrinating people into eating the most toxic and poisonous foods ever 
> > contrived. As one man said, the masses prefer to eat preserved, polished, 
> > purified, canned foods, that one way or another are dessicated by 
> > chemicals, by heating, by freezing and thawing, by oxidization and 
> > decomposition, by milling and polishing, man applies the principles of 
> > his"civilization," which is the elimination of the old primitive 
> > civilizations natural way of eating and the substitution of it with the 
> > artificial. By so doing he turns a once natural and wholesome food into a 
> > "dead" mass of nutritional sewage. the consequence of which is the sickest 
> > society that the world has ever seen
>  and getting sicker.
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