On 12/17/2012 08:51 PM, seventhray27 wrote:
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Bhairitu wrote: Sorry, but I
> neglected to mention that IFC had a "sample" episode of the new season
> of "Portlandia" on last night. So check the schedule for repeats or
> OnDemand (might want to check the IFC website too). I know we have some
> "Portlandia" fans here. It was, of course, very hilarious. I saved the
> episode rather than deleting it from the DVR because I have friends
> visiting this week who love crazy comedy and will especially enjoy
> something from the NW (they're from Seattle). The new season begins
> January 4th.
> Just watched a few on the segments on the IFC website.  Funny as usual.

My friends have been having a good time watching it and Comcast also has 
the second season of Portlandia so I showed them the "Battlestar 
Gallactica" episode too.  I also have been showing them Louis CK episodes.

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