Something along the following lines:

A piece of land gets arbitrarily separated from everything else by 
some human being who puts a fence around it. Having done this, that 
property gets divided on a grid such that different squares on the 
grid are "governed" by different devas. Why this should be the case, 
I don't know.

The entries into the building on the property will sit on top of 
these abstract squares and therefore be under the influence of one 
or more of these devas. Having a southern entrance will increase 
problems in the direction of death because the devas that hang out 
on that side are Yama (god of death) and other related henchmen. 
Just what the devas are that hang out on the north side, I don't 
know. But they are supposed to support prosperity and having 
children, I think. The devas on the east side are supposed to 
support spiritual growth.

Incidentally, Keith Wallace recently told the MUM students the 
official explanation for the following change of policy. In the 
past, the teacher always faced east in the classroom, while the 
students faced west. The logic was that the teacher needed to be the 
most coherent person present, being the one that everyone was paying 
attention to, and facing east produced the most coherence. Now, the 
policy is reversed. The logic is that it makes no difference which 
direction someone who is enlightened faces, but it matters for those 
who are not. The implication is that the faculty of MUM are all 
enlightened, while the students are not.

So why all this emphasis on SV in the first place? Why not just 
focus on the enlightenment of individuals as in the original plan. 
It might have been more successful at transforming the world than 
all these impersonal plans to save humanity that seem to go nowhere.

--- In, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Could someone tell me what is the vedic reasoning
> behind why a northern facing entrance to a building
> lowers the crime rate, sickness, etc. of those living
> in such a building? Can a functional hypothesis even
> be created that makes rational sense? Also, you will
> be fined 12 points if the term "natural law" comes up
> in your answer! Please use the term, IUWEROQWF,
> instead.  
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