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} } } I was telling a friend last night that I think this is one 
} } } of the coolest TMO events ever.  Thanks for posting.
} } 
} } Strangely, I agree. I've been wondering how the TMO
} } would find a way to make money from the end of the
} } world "Mayan doomsday" prophecies, and here it is.
} } 
} } Clearly, they can milk *anything* for "donations"
} } if they set their minds to it.
} We know the "Bhuddist" in you is desperate for a TMO 
} putdown these days of major successes, but how low is 
} it possible to sink, even for someone like you ? 
} Read it again. It has nothing to do with any "Mayan 
} doomsday" prophecies whatsoever.

OK, I read it again. How, how, HOW could I have
gotten the impression that this was a ripoff of
the whole "Mayan prophecy" thing in a blatant 
attempt to raise more money?

Could it have been the selection (completely 
coincidental, of course) of the by-now-famous
12-21-2012 date for their "celebration?" Could
it have been staging the "event" at Monte Alban,
an old Mayan city? Or could it have been calling
the whole operation "8000 Mayans," even though
the majority of people living in Oaxaca aren't?

As for the scrounging for money thang, could my
impression have come from the use of "banking
details" and "Paypal" in the subject line of the
post? Or could it have something to do with the
use of "donation" or "donate" 6 times, the use 
of "bank" 8 times, "contribution" or "contribute" 
4 times, or "Paypal" in the body text 5 times? 

How did you NOT get the impression from this press
release that the WHOLE POINT was to get people

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