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> > I'll bet Hagelin could do it, if he were willing to risk 
> > putting his neck on the chopping block. It would be a 
> > showdown at the OK Corral between him and Bevan.
> Don't be silly. You're still thinking TM-centric. 
> A turnip has more charisma and audience recognition
> in the real world than John Hagelin does. No one but
> a TB TMer gives a shit *what* he thinks, about 
> *anything*, or ever will. There couldn't *BE* a 
> more quintessentially boring status quo dweeb 
> than John Hagelin. 
> Actually, non-TM crowds really like him. I've seen it at the 
> Science and Non-Duality conference. Anyway, we're talking 
> internal TMO politics.

No, Rick, THAT is exactly what I mean by being stuck in
"TM-centric thinking." Nothing can EVER be done to affect
change in the TM organization from within its ranks. That's
an illusion held by New Age twifs and people like Buck.

The only times in recorded history in which the TMO has 
*ever* responded to legitimate criticism was when it hit
the News, big-time. THAT requires someone with considerably
more "charisma quotient" than suit-and-tie, stick-up-his-ass,
John Hagelin. The guy is a science dork, and NO ONE in the
real world cares what the fuck he thinks or believes.

To affect the TM organization enough to make it reverse its
existing, dictated-by-Maharishi policies, it would require
PUBLIC humiliation and outcry. Science dweebs simply can't 
rally that kind of reaction. Never have, never will. 

I stick with my choices of Oprah, David Lynch, or Sir Paul.
If any of THEM ever came out against the TMO's policies,
they might change. Hagelin, never. I'm sorry, because I
suspect that on some levels he's a nice enough guy, but
his whole "presentation layer" is so boring and uninter-
esting that nothing he could *possibly* say would affect
the direction of the TM movement in any way. Only attention
from the general public -- which could invite attention 
from public tax and legal authorities -- would ever cause
them to react. 

The TMO is the spiritual equivalent of the Republican Party.
They will continue to bask in their delusions of grandeur
LONG past these delusions' expiration date, unless something
or someone forces them to do otherwise. John Hagelin simply
doesn't have the phwam! to be that person. 

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