I figure I was unstressing after the big liftoff at noon with the Mayans (-:

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I just checked in for a moment.  Tell me you're kidding.  This morning, getting 
ready for work, I was getting my coat out of the closet and my wife was close 
by checking the mail.  I had to step to the side of her where there happened to 
be a desk lamp we had recently purchased at an estate sale.  I knocked it over 
and it broke, and I had a mini tirade.  I apologized to her, and proceeded with 
my day. She of course had done nothing wrong, and my tirade wasn't directed at 
her, but just one of those, "why do I have to fight so hard for everything 
little thing" type of tirade. 

Anyway.  In better balance now.  Got to be.

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> Hmmm, must be something in the planets.  I bashed into my Mom's glass coffee 
> table with my knee.  Had to apologize to her afterwards for the cussing that 
> ensued.  Hope you feel better soon.  I bet that Carol O of Bat would know 
> who has crutches.
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> Does anyone here in FF have a pair of crutches I may borrow? I slipped on the 
> ice and hurt my knee.


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