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> > Well, Judy got it right. I was making an insinuation, though
> > not serious about it. I did not answer the rhetorical question
> > you posed, or attempt to. There is a concept called
> > 'coexistence of opposites', which if it were an experience,
> > would take care of the dilemma. You have to ask how serious
> > Barry is about what he says. He lobs bombs, with fish hooks
> > attached, onto this forum, and if you are kind of like a fish
> > swimming in these waters, do you bite?
> If he's not that serious, what's he doing lobbing bombs?
> But we aren't fish, Xeno, and Barry is not entitled to be
> the Master Baiter (depending on how you spell it). We're human
> beings, and so is he. "Coexistence of opposites" is a non
> sequitur, an empty phrase that is meant to sound impressive
> and wise but has no meaning or significance in this context.
> > Barry's nastiness is more superficial than Judy's
> The salient characteristic of Barry's nastiness is that
> it's nearly always *gratuitous*, just for the sake of
> being nasty; and his criticisms are almost always
> *dishonest*, knowingly false.
> Neither is true of me. Those are the important 
> distinctions between me and Barry.
> Whether he's unserious or superficial is debatable. Many
> of us think he's painfully shallow; but what he does here
> is clearly *extremely* important to him, so it doesn't
> make much sense to say he isn't serious.
> > he is not so serious as I believe you are imagining. But of
> > course this is my interpretation of what I read. The mind
> > does not give us reality, it gives us distorted
> > representations of reality,
> Some more distorted than others. "Oh, it's all nothing but
> distorted representations of reality" is an excuse just as
> Barry's "Tantra" notion is.
>  and on occasion, gives us clues
> > as to what reality might be about. Are you taking what
> > people say here as true and false? Are you taking what is 
> > discussed, argued, and metaphorically shouted here as some
> > kind of important reality?
> All this is horseshit. No, that's unkind to horseshit.
> It's apeshit, Xeno throwing his own shit around.
> Whether the FFL reality is important is not important.
> What's important is that people should treat other
> people like human beings no matter what the context.
> Too many people use FFL like their own private
> playground, with themselves the only real people in it.
> > For a lesson in coexistence I would recommend the movie 
> > 'Life of Pi', how to get along in a completely unlivable
> > situation.
> You aren't qualified to give lessons in human relations,
> Xeno.

I was not talking about human relations. But I would agree with you that if you 
wanted to inform yourself about the nature of human relations, I would not be 
your best bet by a long shot.

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