Now, Barry! Hits Christmas! Be nice.... (echos of my mother's voice when we 
would fight around Christmas) 

Echoes of my Old Man's voice if we fought at Christmas - clomp, clomp, clomp 
(heavy foot steps) "God damn it!" Shhwooop! (sound of his belt coming out of 
his belt loops) "Goddamn it, come here so I can git a hold of you! Quit 
fightin' goddamn it! Its Christmas."

As to your remarks, I thought from previous articles/ "news" items about the 
deal that it meant 8,000 spread out all over the state of Oaxaca, but I also 
thought it was a bit generous estimate of the numbers of folk who had been 
initiated there - seems like we would have heard about such numbers before 
being initiated into TM and the Sidhis, they seemed to spring fully trained 
into being much like Athena sprang fully grown for the brow of Zeus.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas to Bevan and Tony, Neil and Greg, Raja Luis and 
all the other Rajas. I am sure they are all getting ready for the arrival of 
Krishna Claus to slide into their east facing chimneys to leave copper pots 
full of Celestial Amrit and copious amounts of gold as well. I am sure the 
Rajas are making provision for the Celestial Mounts of Krishna Claus's to have 
whatever passes for Celestial Reindeer chow, as well as leaving something out 
for the apsarasa or gandharva elves who come with Krishna Claus to burnish the 
Rajas crowns to a high sheen as they lay abed witnessing sleep.

And a special Merry Christmas to David Lynch, I am sure Krishna Claus will 
bring him an extra big sack full of Marlboros or whatever brand he is addicted 
to - maybe K Claus will also bring him some sort of Harry Potterish Foe 
Detector so no more baddies like David Seiveking can sneak up on him again and 
sand bag him with requests for interviews.

And of course Merry Christmas to all here in FFL, even be they Jewish and not 
interested in baby Jesus and Santa.

And Merry Christmas to all like Curtis, Barry and myself who have decided the 
TMO is not Santa and won't be bringing world peace.

Even tho I hurt my back a couple days ago (yeah its a typical Christmas for me) 
I am off later today to visit w my adopted daughter and her ma, make cookies 
(if I can stand up long enough) and then back tonight to my brother's for a 
family gathering where he and his wife can't stand her brother and his wife and 
so year after year they pretend they like each other and have each other over 
for the obligatory family gathering. Momma (85 years old this year) says if any 
crap starts she is gonna raise hell.

Ahhh, Christmas! Makes me wish for Festivus.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Michael H. Jackson

 From: turquoiseb <>
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2012 5:36 AM
Subject: [FairfieldLife] Can anyone independently validate the claim of 8,000 
Mayan YFers?

I finally found an article on this with photos, and they
do nothing to eradicate my doubts about the veracity of
the TM movement. 

Has no one forgotten all of the claims of tens of thousands
of pundits or students in Maharishi Schools in India, only
to have people travel to the supposed locations and find
them empty and deserted, with no people there and no 
construction going on?

That was my first thought when people started to bandy 
about the claim of "8,000" students taught the TMSP in
Oaxaca. I said to myself, "I'll believe it when I see the
photographs and can run them through crowd-estimation

Well, this article has photos. As far as I can tell, the
largest number of people in *any* of them is in the last
photo on the page, an estimated 300 people max. So where
are the other 7,700?


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