I cannot dispute the numbers of flyers in India or Mexico cuz I am not there - 
I wish with all my heart the things you say would have been or even would be 
true, but the state of the world as it is is proof enough for me that the 
effect of both group practice of TM and the "yogic flying" has been an utter 
failure, not because of lack of numbers but simply because the stated effects 
just aren't there - nearly 60 years is more than enough time for proof to 
surface - it is all still just a promise of futures and I wouldn't buy them 
from the TMO anymore than I would Bernie Madoff - but it woulda been nice if it 
hadda been true

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8,000 Mayan YFers?

There are more than tens of thousands of students and pundits in India and you 
will have no problem with the independent confirmation of that, indeed the 
problems of the largest private educator in India and the legal disputes over 
the land assets for future Pundit campuses have been raised in Parliament; as 
well the extraordinary successes are everyday in the Indian press for all to 
see as Maharishi Vidya Mandir students are constantly in or at the top of 
educational competitions all the time. Yes there was some money 'wasted" by 
Maharishi's way of dealing with the corruption of the permit authorities in 
India by presenting them with a fait accompli instead of going along with 
institutionalized bribery, but all kinds of financial safeguards including 
detailed reporting and close donor supervision of expenditure have been put in 
place now.
The cost of buses meant that there could not be many Yogic Flyers to Monte 
Alban and indeed it is unlikely one could even rent that many buses on short 
notice. If there was not this many Tm-Sidhas students now in southern Mexico 
then the GCWP would be risking their credibility in terms of the Maharishi 
effect which is now claimed for central and south America. If crime, does not 
continue to fall quickly and other aspects of society not improve as well you 
would have every reason to doubt not the number of Yogic Flyers in education, 
military and industry but the Maharishi Effect itself. The proof is in the 
pudding and many outside the movement are already starting to comment that the 
pudding is tasting very sweet, satvic, blissful, peaceful, Heaven on Earth for 
all, the best Christmas and New Years gift ever, this time in perpetuity.
Jai Guru Dev.

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> I finally found an article on this with photos, and they
> do nothing to eradicate my doubts about the veracity of
> the TM movement. 
> Has no one forgotten all of the claims of tens of thousands
> of pundits or students in Maharishi Schools in India, only
> to have people travel to the supposed locations and find
> them empty and deserted, with no people there and no 
> construction going on?
> That was my first thought when people started to bandy 
> about the claim of "8,000" students taught the TMSP in
> Oaxaca. I said to myself, "I'll believe it when I see the
> photographs and can run them through crowd-estimation
> software."
> Well, this article has photos. As far as I can tell, the
> largest number of people in *any* of them is in the last
> photo on the page, an estimated 300 people max. So where
> are the other 7,700? 
> http://www.mangalorean.com/news.php?newstype=broadcast&broadcastid=366529


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