I read the post after seeing his proposal of exiling you from FFL.  I can't 
figure out for the life of me what was wrong with that post.  

But then I realized from my impression of Buck's past posts that he is a TB, 
and he is fully dedicated to diving in the transcendent realm of consciousness 
and aligning himself with natural law.  Therefore, his words, actions, and 
decisions are all in tune with the Unified Field, whereas you and I are are not 
as in tune with the Unified Field, and therefore we are supporting ignorance in 
this world with our posts.

Therefore, out of dedication to enlightenment and eliminating ignorance, out of 
respect for the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, I concede to Buck's 
decision to exile Ann from FFL.  I also propose that I am exiled from FFL too, 
being as I am not as 'in tune' with the Unified Field.  Every post from myself 
and Ann will only act as a Rakshasha to the divine efforts of those dedicated 
to living in accordance with natural law.  

Please, exile us Rakshashas.  We are not in tune with natural law, and 
therefore we are prone to making mistakes.  And moreover, our presence on FFL 
interferes with Buck's efforts to create heaven on earth, a truly divine and 
noble cause.  Every post we submit interferes with the divine waves of natural 
law that will eliminate ignorance, hunger, war, and suffering for eternity.  As 
long as Ann and I are posting on FFL, we are holding humanity back.  The fate 
of the world lies upon this decision.  

We don't have any time left.  We are the most important generation of all 
generations of all time in the history of all worlds and all civilizations 
since the beginning of time.  If we don't act now and remove Ann and I from 
FFL, all will be lost.  The divine perfection of Buck, the TMO, and MMY will 
not eliminate negativity for all of eternity if we waste any time.  We must act 
now.  Remove awoelflebater and seekliberation now.  


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