Crime is declining markedly in all these areas influenced by these groups, and 
other social indicators like rates of poverty are also showing unprecedented 
improvement. Its now.

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> Please tell you friend's friend's friend not to hold their breath till this 
> happens - its the same old TM Movement schtick - hanging on till the Rapture 
> comes, always dealing in futures. Sort of like waiting for Elijah.
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> From the friend of a friend of a friend:
> Reflections on the events of Dec 12, 2012
> As the Global Mother Divine director for Guatemala, I thought I’d pass on 
> some reflections I had from the events on December 21 this year in Monte 
> Alban. I don’t really know that much about it and certainly shouldn’t be 
> taken as an authority. Much of this is just what I have gleaned from glimpses 
> I have gained while trying to keep in touch with it in spare moments over the 
> last few years.
> The first part is meant to be fact. I hope I’ve got all the details at 
> least mostly right. Many of you may know most of this and more. 
> The Mayans never actually thought that Dec 21 was going to be the end of the 
> world. In fact, until 2010 the Mayans never even talked about the ending of 
> their calendar at all. The Mayans are, in general, quite happy and 
> comfortable to stay to themselves. Not many are welcome into their world and 
> very few ever leave. So there has not been much communication of what they 
> believe or don’t believe, until the last couple of years, with anyone.
> But more than a decade ago some Mayans apparently did come to the US to 
> college here and mentioned that their calendar ended on Dec 21. They had no 
> idea what that meant or what was going to happen after that. So the 
> Judeo-Christian apocalyptic habit of thinking in this country turned it into 
> the end of the world. And that concept went around the world. EVERYONE around 
> the world, as far as I can tell from my travels and living with so many of 
> other cultures, knew that Dec 21 was ‘The Day’.
> But 2 years ago, the Mayan elder who is the Prophesy Keeper and Day Keeper, 
> Don Alejandro, did start to talk about the end of the calendar, and in order 
> to quell the fear, he did go as public as possible with the help of new age 
> friends through internet and travels to other countries. His message was, 
> ‘Don’t be afraid! The world is not going to end. It is the end of the 
> current cycle of time and the beginning of a new one.’ The ending cycle 
> started about 5000 years ago, about the time Kali Yuga started.
> The thing that amazes me was that he describes it in the same way and even 
> with the same words that Maharishi describes the new age he worked towards 
> for so many decades. Don Alejandro said the new time will be Heaven on Earth 
> (those words were used on the internet, at least), a time of peace and 
> harmony, where there will be no sickness or suffering. It will be a time when 
> people will fly through the air like clouds. The world will be without 
> boarders, and everyone will be able to travel anywhere without passports. He 
> described it as a beautiful new time to very much look forward to. He also 
> predicted that the day would be like any other day, like New Years eve. A new 
> year is beginning, but it doesn’t feel immediately any different from the 
> old year. These are prophesies that, as I understand it, have been around for 
> 5000 years, but have been passed on from father to son, or keeper to keeper, 
> silently. The Mayan people didn’t even really know. No one
>  did until 2 years ago.
> There is no TM Movement in Guatemala, no local teachers. Raja Louis imported 
> two Spanish Governors to teach there a number of years ago, and they have 
> been knocking on doors, and knocking on doors for many years, and for so long 
> found the doors all locked. Finally they found some openings, and finally 
> they reached the Mayan elders. I have no idea how long it took for the elders 
> to ‘get’ what the Governors were saying, but when they finally did, the 
> response was kind of like, ‘Come in! We’re expecting you! This TM will 
> eliminate disharmony in collective consciousness? It will create peace? 
> Please, tell us what to do. You can teach us to fly? All the children should 
> learn? Yes. We will start now.”
> Once it started, there was no stopping it. Last July, on Guru Purnima some 
> Mayans had learned the practice (I forget, maybe a few thousand?). But there 
> was no inkling that it was going to turn into what it is now, 6 months later, 
> with 8,000 students practicing yogic flying every day at the same time in 
> Mexico and Guatemala. After the demonstration on Dec 21, a contract was 
> signed with the Minister of Education of Mexico for 69,000 students to learn 
> the practice.
> It was pretty amazing how Nature organized it. The flying block for 5,000 
> quite spontaneously and naturally ended on Dec 20 and that was the last day 
> of school for the winter holidays. They wanted to have a graduation ceremony, 
> so they decided to have it at a traditional holy spot of their people. Most 
> of the children had never been there before. So it kind of happened that all 
> the students that money was raised for, went to Monte Alban to practice Yogic 
> Flying together on Dec 21, 2012. It was a new beginning.  Even though school 
> is out, no one goes anywhere. From now on all the children will do their 
> program together every day of the year whether or not school is in session, 
> each in their own school throughout the southern Mexico and Guatemala. This 
> will go on until at least 2016.
> Raja Luis describes the students as being so pure and innocent that they have 
> phenomenal experiences. The teachers who teach them say it’s a completely 
> different experience than teaching anyone else. Also, apparently Maharishi 
> said that when indigenous people fly they are worth a few of those of us who 
> don’t have that natural connection to the earth. They are the custodians of 
> the Laws of Nature in that area and have much more influence than anyone else 
> is able to have.
> Here is my reflection on the whole thing.
> I think December 21, 2012 must have been the most anticipated day in the 
> history of the world. EVERYONE was looking at this day, some with fear, some 
> with hope and rejoicing, most believing that is was just a normal day and 
> nothing at all would happen. But everyone knew it was a day to be 
> anticipated. I have heard, completely as rumor and not to be taken as 
> anything to hang one's hat on, that Maharishi Jyotish apparently predicts 
> that the day of the transition will be sometime in a couple of months still 
> (and I have no idea if it will look like a normal day or not. Probably.) 
> But whether or not anything astrological did happen on that day, all that 
> attention on Dec 21 did do something huge. You can’t have that much 
> attention on a transformation and not have something transform. For one 
> thing, many people around the world did participate in some kind of ceremony 
> on behalf of the earth and her inhabitants. But for another, Nature organized 
> that the Mayan children gave a public Yogic Flying demonstration in a 
> traditional sacred spot. I doubt that it was very well advertised or covered 
> by the media, but that is inconsequential. Someday someone is going to ask 
> what the Mayans did on Dec 21. And one of the answers will be that they were 
> flying.
> The entire New Age movement looks to the Mayans now as leaders. They’re the 
> ones who know what’s happening. And if the Mayans are learning to fly 
> (69,000 of them), hundreds of millions of New Agers around the world who 
> sincerely want to be part of the transition into a new age, will want to 
> learn to fly.
> Throughout the decades the movement has had a lot of competition in the area 
> of meditation. There are thousands of meditations and stress reduction 
> techniques and mind expanding techniques. One can’t blame anyone for not 
> being able to sift through everything that is out there and find one simple, 
> natural, effortless, effective method to let the mind slip into unbounded 
> awareness spontaneously.
> But if what you want to do is to learn how to fly, there aren’t many places 
> to go. We don’t have a lot of competition. We're pretty much the only 
> technique around. I think it may be the Mayans and Dec 21, 2012 that bring 
> the world at large to embrace Transcendental Meditation and to appreciate 
> Maharishi’s tireless efforts for so many decades. I deeply hope it is true!
> Jai Guru Dev, Deni
> (If I've got some of the facts wrong, I'd like to know, so I can correct 
> myself.)

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