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> > But that's exactly what this myth does: it provides
> > a basis for quantification.  From it we can construct
> > testable hypotheses, e.g., people who live in homes
> > with south-facing entrances will die at younger ages
> > than those in homes with entrances facing in other
> > directions.
> Yes but...
> You can do research that shows a correlation between factors, and even 
> gives an indication of which factors may be causal. This is important 
> preliminary research. But, when faced with overwhelming opposition to 
> your ideas due to their not fitting with mainstream paradigms, you 
> need to follow up this research with studies that demonstrate the 
> actual causal mechanisms for the results being observed. At this time, 
> no one has a clue how to study the causal relationship between devas 
> that can't be seen and anything else.

I agree that a devic model -- even if cast as "intense energy and
information structures" is not a good starting point. 

The first step is to actually produce some well designed, cleanly
conducted and well analyzed research on SV showing some results.
(Difficult as several have pointed out to get funding for such, but
that, while difficult, is not an unsurmountable obstacle.) 

Positive results, may or may not occur. But if they did, a full blown
explanatory model is not required to publish the results. They can be
cast as anomalous, perhaps related to magnetic directional
sensibilites of birds and some mammals. And the traditional
explanation could be given -- with the acknowledgement that while
empirically hard to fathom, such a tradional explanation may lead to
intestigation of subtle energy and information strucutres.


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