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> I perceive that Share tries your patience, that you think 
> she has a pudding brain. 

Nay, she *acts* as if she has a pudding brain. There
is a difference. 

It's an act that we saw a lot back in the beginning
days of the TM movement. The twiffy, bubbly blissninny, 
gullible as hell and believing basically *anything*
told to them by some -- *any* -- charismatic figure.

I guess all I'm saying is that this act grates on me
when I see it in 14-year-olds, where it is somewhat
understandable. Seen in 64-year-olds, I find it incom-
prehensible. It really makes me wonder what Fairfield,
Iowa is *LIKE* if this act really "plays" there.

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