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> On 12/30/2012 06:23 AM, Duveyoung wrote:
> > "The cosmos is within us.  We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the 
> > cosmos to know itself."  -- Carl Sagan
> >
> > To which I seriously respond: Nope. It is from the Self that all this has 
> > come into being. The universe is perhaps describable as a mirror of its 
> > radiance, but the Self knows the Self and no mirror is needed.
> >
> > Now, I'll try to defend this statement.
> >
> > See modern science for details. Singularities, for instance.
> >
> > We know not the universe -- except for:
> >
> > Our faint awareness of the ridiculously tiny titch of it inside our ittty 
> > bitty brains.
> >
> > A billion, nay, billions and billions of years hence, even then, Carl would 
> > agree, so much would remain undiscovered by the best minds using the best 
> > instrumentalities -- the universe being so huge.
> >
> > When it comes to having ultimate knowledge, only the Self can be considered 
> > the final arbiter of truth, since it was from Self that all else arose.
> >
> > I sure didn't really actually know this, until way way way late in life.  
> > Mostly I said such things as a form of wishful thinking.
> >
> > Pssst: You want to know, right? I should just tell you now, right? You 
> > don't want to have DECADES of seeking before you too find out the hard way, 
> > right?
> >
> > Question: Are you sentient and reading these words right now? That is, is 
> > that which has always been the witness to your thoughts, here right now? 
> > Are you, here? Are you YOU?????
> >
> > To which you say, "Of course, I'm here. If anyone would know if I'm here or 
> > not, it certainly would be me. I absolutely have forever and always been 
> > THE ONLY knower of my thoughts, THE ONLY feeler of my feelings, THE ONLY 
> > one who can rifle through my memory banks, THE ONLY livingness of this 
> > body/mind system.
> >
> > Therefore: Let no one seek the Self -- for all know the Self. All are the 
> > Self. And all that came from the Self can be only be SELF!
> >
> > Why? Because nary a person in all of history can describe the Self in any 
> > way that anyone else would not also recognize it to be a description of 
> > their Self also. It is the SAME SELF. Just as two pots under water can be 
> > said to be filled by the same ocean.
> >
> > Glasses on the nose being sought? Riding a hippopotamus looking for a 
> > hippopotamus?
> >
> > For all of anyone's life, ANYONE'S, there is only one Self attending that 
> > "history of localized sentience."
> >
> > It has never been lost, right? It's here right now, right?
> >
> > If you are not enlightened, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN. You are complete now by 
> > your own admission. You do not say that you are half a being, half a soul, 
> > half a mind. You say you are here and have always been the one who is here. 
> > And you are CERTAIN that you will always be the "you" of the system you're 
> > witnessing.....no "other you" is possible.
> >
> > Limbs can be lopped, senses muted, consciousness attenuated -- but the Self 
> > is unaffected.
> >
> > One says, "I am sick."
> >
> > But, but, but what EVERYONE means is, "I am FULLY HERE completely intimate 
> > with the operations of this body/mind system, which at present is askew, 
> > and it is in a process of healing, during which thoughts may come and go, 
> > dreams may prevail at times, there may be variance in clarity, and 
> > consciousness will not always RECORD these almost endless doings, but all 
> > these processes may be a flurry of obfuscation and yet not dent my being 
> >
> > Deny the above, and when you're 50 years older, tell them that I told you 
> > so, and that you should have considered the topic more deeply and saved 
> > yourself a whole lotta fuss and bother and tossing mucho buckazoids into 
> > collection plates.
> >
> > This sermon thus endeth on this last Sunday in 2012 -- The Year Of 
> > Unnecessary Dread
> >
> >
> And what will 2013 bring?  How about the collapse of the dollar bringing 
> the collapse of the US economy about April?  That would bring massive 
> rioting and hence why they want to collect guns now (sorry it has 
> nothing to do with mentally unstable people shooting kids).   This is 
> not astrology but the logical progression of events.  Time will tell.


Saturn is now transiting its exalted position in Libra.  This sign is in the 
11th house of unexpected gains in the US natal chart.  So, your dire prediction 
is not likely to happen.

Based on the recent activities of the DOW Jones, the market is not particularly 
bearish with the prospect of the fiscal cliff crisis.  If anything, my gut 
feeling is that the stock market will take off if and when the Obama tax 
package is passed by Congress.

If the package is not passed, the federal revenues would still increase which 
would reduce the deficit.  So, contrary to Bernanke's worry, the tax increase 
may be a good thing.  We'll find out for sure as to how the stock market would 
react on Tuesday, January 2, 2013.

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