So you don't think if the Dome numbers get high enough the haves and the have 
nots won't suddenly change places magically and overnight?

--- In, Bhairitu <noozguru@...> wrote:
> I don't have any dollars to put on a hedge. :-D
> If you have been paying attention to economic forecasts and analysts you 
> know that at some point and 2013 was often the year cited when the shit 
> is going to hit the fan.  It should have hit the fan in 2008 but they 
> slapped a band-aid over things.  A band-aid ain't gonna work now.  Just 
> the other day there was a report about a European bank that created a 
> lot of fraud but more than being "too been to fail" they were "too big 
> to prosecute" because bringing them down might make the whole global 
> economy collapse.  Well if most of us don't have anything then why 
> should we care if it collapses?
> So for starters here is one of Max Keiser's reports where he talks about 
> things.  Max has a humorous spin on things but not to be taken lightly 
> because he knows what he is talking about.  He worked on Wall Street.
> And there will be those who want to wave their hands and say "don't 
> listen to that" and point some MSM garbage trying to BS you into 
> believing everything is OK (because they have a lot of financial firms 
> as sponsors who dearly want your hard earned money... to steal).
> And then we have Eliot Spitzer that "Wall Street will not be too big to 
> indict in 2013".  Hope so but bet their government cronies will protect 
> them because as I mentioned above they are now "too big to prosecute".  
> Nothing I would love to see more than crooks like Loyd Blankfien and 
> Jamie Dimon doing a perp walk.
> You created a thread with the title about 2012 being the year of 
> unnecessary dread but went off on some irrellevent woo-woo rap about 
> enlightenment.   Why be concerned about enlightenment?  Just practice 
> your sadhana and it will come.
> What dreads did we have in 2012?  Well there was the Mayan thang which 
> most  of us dismissed.  There was the very real dread that Mitt Romney 
> might become President but that was avoided though we still got 
> Tweedle-Dee because a President is just a "car salesman" for the same 
> owners.  There is no democracy just an illusion of it.  We have the 
> "fiscal cliff" thang but we'll probably get some shitty resolution 
> before the year is over where the rich will still make out like bandits.
> Time to reboot?
> On 12/30/2012 09:56 AM, Duveyoung wrote:
> > Bhairitu -- can you give us your estimate of the chances?  50% chance, 80% 
> > chance?  What?
> >
> > If you do believe this, where are you putting your dollars for a hedge?
> >
> > Edg
> >
> > --- In, Bhairitu <noozguru@> wrote:
> >> And what will 2013 bring?  How about the collapse of the dollar bringing
> >> the collapse of the US economy about April?  That would bring massive
> >> rioting and hence why they want to collect guns now (sorry it has
> >> nothing to do with mentally unstable people shooting kids).   This is
> >> not astrology but the logical progression of events.  Time will tell.
> >>
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