Leave it to the TMO to reduce spiritual experiences to a number - wonder when 
they will start selling nostrums guaranteed to give people Number One 
Experiences without fail?

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> > Whoa, that was excellent. Couple thoughts...
> > 
> > It does seem like TM can get people to the very edge of some kind of 
> > awakening, but the shift often requires being pushed off the TM treadmill 
> > by someone/something outside the TMO.
> > 
> > As for the TMO no longer talking about enlightenment, that may be the case 
> > with the view they present to the general public, but as I understand it, 
> > they have experience discussions every morning in the domes. But, as I 
> > understand it, experiences have been standardized into a numerical list. 
> > So, yeah, they do talk about enlightenment, but it's in the context of 
> > sequential unfoldment of codified experiences. 
> It's like Vaj took over the TMO.
> Couldn't imagine a more nightmarish nightmare ! :-)
> Anyhow, talked to a friend of  mine just back from the men's Domes today who 
> confirms your " experiences have been (standardized) into a numerical list", 
> only leave out the word standarized. Very personal experiences. He claimed 
> the were anything between 20 and 50 experiences of what resembles UC every 
> morning. That they are called #1 experiences doesn't make them any less real 
> on the personal level.

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