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Two years ago, President Tarja Halonen invited journalist-writer Umayya 
Abu-Hanna's castle party.
It is a remarkable tribute: the majority of Finnish is not a party to such 
things ever.

The castle will be honored at a party, and the Finnish independence. Been a 
guest of Abu-Hanna thanked for the invitation memorable way. He complained to 
the live TV broadcast, how Finland is an impossible place. Abu-Hanna announced 
a change in Finland, the Netherlands, Finland, since "there is no room educated 

Following that opinion, I had to check how badly Finland in 1981, our country 
had moved to the Palestinian-backed Umayya Abu-Hanna is treated.

First of all, Finland has offered him a tax funding in higher education and the 
number of good jobs. His books and contributed articles to be published in the 
prestigious scientific instruments, and he has been voted the Helsinki City 

The euro has fallen Vaaleissakin confidence: the first time the Finns were more 
than 12,000 votes, the other more than 8,500 votes. And awards have been 
enough: Abu-Hanna has been in Finland mm. People's Education Society's Award of 
the Year, Christina Award, Ministry of Education, Finland Prize and Bonnier's a 
great journalist award.

But a poor country, what a poor country.

New York Times published on Sunday, Abu-Hanna's extensive writing, which he 
will continue with the same theme: Finland's reviews.

Holland reason for moving is no longer a failure to provide an educated Finnish 
Abu-Hanna opportunities, but now it is the daughter experienced racism. The 
writing point is this: Finland is a miserable racist country and the new 
country of Holland again and tolerance in the kingdom of light.

Abu-Hanna explains its analysis of his experience, which in itself can be 
offensive. If someone 80 years old Finnish grandma is nimitellyt Abu-Hanna's 
daughters "negro Satan", it has been a truly ugly off. But there are still 
compelled to ask, do you think really fair to stigmatize one Potty 80-year-old 
grandmother and a couple of other citizen of bad behavior on the basis of the 
whole nation?

Why is that cursing grandma gets Finnish determine if the Dutch do not specify, 
for example Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh's murder?

Immigration Critical Dutch politician Fortuyn was shot in broad daylight in 
2002 and Islam criticism of the film made Theo van Gogh in turn, was stabbed to 
death two years later. Both killings have dramatically affected the Netherlands 
and after including Geert Wilders, led by right-wing extremist party has 
received a huge amount of supporters.

All this Abu-Hanna forget to mention the tolerant Dutch praises. Instead, 
Abu-Hanna comparable to the Finnish Immigration critical politicians Wilders, 
even though Finland has no leader has ever presented anywhere near as ferocious 
as the views of the Dutch Wilders.

Wilders, for example, openly said he hates Islam and declared that the Koran is 
a fascist book that should be banned in the Netherlands. In addition, he has 
written against Islam, attacking the film, which has resulted in mm. al-Qaeda 
declared to be death threats.

Abu-Hanna declares that she will not learn Dutch. Might be worthwhile. she 
could thus explore the views of some of the Dutch, who represent the values, 
which is mainly due to the mind only Aryan.

In fact, all of Holland in recent years has distanced itself from 
multiculturalism. Does Abu-Hanna, for example, that in Islamic countries used 
burkhat prohibited in the Netherlands since the beginning of this year?

Perhaps the most difficult, however, to believe that Abu-Hanna had never heard 
of her daughter while in Finland, no beauty. Does anybody have said anything 
nice cute little Reemasta? No positive comments Abu-Hanna does not mention.

In particular, Abu-Hanna does not have anything good to say about the Finnish 
adoption of the authorities, who helped make this a great hope reality. 
Abu-Hanna was 46 years old single parent earnestly longed-for child in South 
Africa. Public Abu-Hanna, however, only barked adoption authorities in the 
process and have been "hellish".


Abu-Hanna, however, makes the mind to understand. It is a huge decision to 
leave after 30 years, the familiar country and leave everything behind. Its 
output is sure to make it easier, if the reasons for exchange itself 
unambiguously evil to good. Human nature tends to be now only one.

In such a situation easily muistikin range. Abu-Hanna recalls a recent essay 
for example, said in 2010 the castle to celebrate.

He touches on the famous episode in which he broke his label, and stole the 
attention for himself by pushing handshake between the President of the letter 
in your hand, in front of TV cameras. This is a result of his confusion, he is 
not now a recent essay dealing (whether the letter could not pass even if the 
office?) And a letter is on its way viestikin changed rosy. Now the letter 
stated Abu-Hanna, only "praise" Halonen and the little girl "will identify with 
the female president."

PHOTO: Kai Sinervo
Umayya Abu-Hanna, 6.12.2010. Umayya Abu-Hanna, 6.12.2010.

Two years ago, Abu-Hanna's letter told MTV3 otherwise: "My daughter was 
terribly offended by the fact that the President had invited him to the castle 
party. Then he thought that the President write a letter to tell you that he 
will not call the president's own celebrate."

Helsingin Sanomat writing Abu-Hanna kicks away - far people by name - also his 
party's own green. Without a doubt, a policy of suhmurointia, but were really 
only unpleasant experience? Would Abu-Hanna is also cause to thank the people 
who took him to the party, supported and gave his political career with wings?


Criticism should never receive help wondering whether the fact the topic. 
Therefore, Abu-Hanna I can not sign everyone has genuinely think about. Any 
kind of racist name-calling - adults or children - is always unacceptable and 
we have to intervene. And after all, he's right in Finland ujoudessa: could the 
other person on the bus next to dare to even sit down for sometime?

But perhaps the Abu-Hanna herself to look in the mirror. Was the home, work, 
education and career (eventually lapsenkin), a young woman offered Finland 
really that bad a place as he now suggests?

Abu-Hanna decides to HS's writings is annealed to participation in the 
hollantilaisillallisiin where the presence of a real princess. Only the prince 
and the pea longer are missing from this story.

I look forward to what Abu-Hanna writes from the Netherlands in 30 years. You 
still feel like a princess in the fairy tale - or is it the evil empire for a 
new name?

Ulla Appelsin

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