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> "Pampering for the worried well" is what they call alternative
> medicine over here. When you aren't well is when to drop it.

Excellent. My forays into "science writing" and having
to delve into the verifiable scientific support for 
different treatment options (and all too often the utter 
lack thereof) have left me with even a worse opinion of 
"alternative medicine" than of traditional medicine. 

This buzzphrase kinda nails the mindset of those who
(in my opinion, of course) pay the big bucks to quacks
primarily because they pay attention to *them*. 

Another great buzzphrase I've heard lately from the UK
was the description used in the press for some of the
WAY upper-class baby birthing clinics in the UK catering
to the uber-rich and specializing in pumping them so full
of drugs that they are barely conscious of the actual 
birth -- "Too posh to push." 

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