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> > Xeno, sounds like you and I are in for a fun conversation.
> >
> > How nice to have Judy's uplifting presence here again.
> All good things come to an end. A kind of peace flowed here. Well,
since we have no insight into human interactions, perhaps we could
discuss the relationship of peanuts, beer, babes, and contact sports and
their relationship to enlightenment and purity of consciousness.I think
these four fundamental forces of nature need to be approached in that
order. A certain kind of inertia is required to have an especially dim
interchange. It is pretty late for me. Bedtime. I am old you know.
Perhaps I should start with the peanuts and beer for a very late night
snack - might help reset clarity in the morning for that proper and
subtle level of obtuseness necessary to misunderstand everything.
Picture your dad coming back from a two week vacation, walking in the
house and the first thing out his mouth, "okay, why is that trash in the
back yard, godamnit, I told you to water the plants'.  Business as

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