I got a freebie from Redbox so decided to rent "Total Recall" the 2012 
version on Bluray.  Turq already reviewed this film when it was out:

I agree this film was a total mess.  I avoided it at the theater because 
it wasn't getting good reviews.  In fact the film which IS non-stop 
action is plain hard to follow.  There is apparently a "director's cut" 
which wasn't on the disc though Sony does not seem to make Rental 
versions and they had a extra that has "behind the scenes" boxes shown 
over the movie as it plays again.  One reviewer on IMDB having seen the 
directors cut says the film makes more sense that way.  But I may never 

That's because I found more than that wrong with it.  I liked the 
opening which had a bit of nod to the style of the early 1950s version 
of "1984".  But that didn't last.  We now know that our resources are 
limited.  So I would think that such grandiose architecture and overuse 
of technology would not exist at that time in the future.  I don't think 
a factory worker would have had as luxurious an apartment as the Colin 
Farrell character had.  It should have resembled something like what 
Bruce Willis had in "The Fifth Element".  Nowadays they're even trying 
to push 200 square foot apartments which are not bad for a single person 
as I lived in such as studio apartment in the late 1970s.  The CG folks 
got a little overly enthusiastic I guess. Sets?  These days its green 
screen as it much of it is in the film.

Also A-List actors take you out of the movie.  This is a story better 
told with lesser knowns.  When big studios want to bank on a film they 
contract A-List actors to get people to the theaters and tone down the 
film to PG-13 (apparently a three boob chick doesn't count).

I'm going to dig out the short story and read it again.  I read many of 
Dick's short stories and novels back in the day.  It would be 
interesting to see his last novel as a film but I bet the studios won't 
touch it.

To cleanse the palette I followed up with Julie Delpy's comedy "2 Days 
in New York" with Chris Rock.  It's a funny story about a couple when 
the wife's family comes to visit from France.  It's available on Netflix WI.

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