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> Since I'm obviously one of the people Barry is libeling with
> the term "cyberstalker," 

I can remember when you used to work out what time Barry made
his first post of the day, you'd then triumphantly post this fact
as though it proved some point. Dead creepy behaviour, kind of worrying you 
don't have the self-awareness to realise it. Maybe 
Carol shouldn't take your analyses at face value?

But Carol is a bit creepy too, she turns up here simply to rubbish
someone who isn't around to defend themselves to a bunch of
people with - what? a presumed shared dislike of TM? Is that what
this is about, TM gets criticised here and J Knapp does some criticising too so 
therefore there must be something deficient with
TM critics? Or does she assume we are all good mates and is trying
to drive a presumed wedge between anyone who might have TM-free 

Whatever it is, it doesn't come across as a public service announcement, more 
like some revenge fantasy. The only thing that's obvious is that she needs more 
therapy to work out why she behaves
in this peculiar way. I fear that getting Judy on her side will 
only entrench it, you don't find healthy closure from someone who
has to work out what time her "enemies" get out of bed in the morning when they 
live on the other side of the atlantic.

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